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  1. Tilley

    My Backyard Bunny

    Tilley trying to see as far as she can
  2. Tilley

    Rabbit destroyed carpet! Parents don’t know I’m afraid they’ll get rid of her

    I put tiles down on carpet where my bunny wanted to dig it up. She had a tendency to go to the same places every time. I could here her digging on the tile but she couldn’t move it. She eventually gave up but I still leave it in place
  3. Tilley

    What do these actions mean?

    Yes he loves you! It is a wonderful feeling when your buns licks you . I keep my grand daughters bunny Tilley at my house because her parents won’t let her bring buns home. They have 2 dogs and a cat . She only gets to see her when she visits me. She wants her buns to lick her but she hasn’t...
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