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  1. Breezekoz

    G.I STASIS??!!

    Hello everyone, My rex bunny isn't acting himself. He did not come to his dish for dinner time, and I can't get him to eat anything. Even his favorite treats. He is normally very active and loves attention. He is just laying in one spot with his head low. I pet him but he isn't really...
  2. Breezekoz

    Hates Hay Rack!

    Hello Everyone! I have a bunny that I adopted in July, I made him a hay rack just like the one I have for my lop. My lop I got as a baby and he has had no issues with his hay rack. I had no issues with my new rabbit eating out of his hay rack either. However, he started trying to take it off...
  3. Breezekoz

    E.Coli in bunny poop?

    Hey guys, I've been sick recently with E Coli being the culprit. I was recently told by a health care provider that rabbit poop can contain the bacteria and humans can get it from cleaning up after them. Is this possible? I have two bunnies. Thanks guys!!
  4. Breezekoz

    Bonding two males??!

    Hello everyone, I have an almost year old Holland lop. I am in the process of deciding on whether or not to adopt a bunny from the local humane society. The bunny is around a year old they believe. I'm thinking he may be a Rex. He is very sweet and I have slightly fallen in love with the bunn...
  5. Breezekoz

    Bond mate?!!

    Hey everyone, :) I have a Holland lop that is almost a year old as of September. He has never had a bond mate mainly because I haven't had the funds to do so. I was recently told that I would need to get him one soon or he will not accept another bunny. He came from a litter so the only bunnies...
  6. Breezekoz

    Diet for baby Holland lop! New bunny owner

    Hello I have a new Holland lop. He is now about 2.5 months old. The breeder said that she fed him kale, spinach, bananas, and apples. (Other than Timothy hay and pellets) he was already introduced to these by his breeder. My issue is that she said he can eat a spinach leaf, or a kale leaf...
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