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    special male netherland free to special home

    This one I am willing to drive for. His name is Kido(key-doh). He does not yet have a cage he can go with, we will get one around Dec if he's still here. Must go with his fleece blanket. He loves to...
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    critique for commercial type

    Unable to get pure amchins I bought 2, 12week old amchin x cinnamon does. I'd like to breed the amchin type back out of them and use them to outcross both some 3/4amchin 1/4palomino I'm getting in the spring when I have money to drive that far and also I'd like to cross them in to my american...
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    selling wild rabbit help flag this illegal ad It is illegal to own or sell a wild animal in their state. Wild rabbits also live horrible lives in cages sometimes killing themselves when something scares them or at least living a shorter life due to stress. They often become violent toward...
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    ND carrier size

    Is a 6x9" hole big enough for a netherland? I want to get a 3 hole solid bottom carrier that is for chinchillas, hedgehogs, and netherlands so I don't have to buy a ton of different carriers for everything. Then next month I'm getting a large single hole rabbit carrier for holding chins a...
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    chin mini rex

    Looking for a pair for breeding. Located near Iowa City.
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    RESOLVED: 3 legged mini rex kit to special needs home

    Born with a nonworking leg but gets around fine and haven't noticed any other health problems so we decided to give it a chance. Very sweet. Loves to cuddle and sit around on your lap being petted. Would make a great house rabbit with a little extra care. The dead leg does need washed...
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    new house bunny

    Found this little guy and had nothing to haul him in so he became bucket bunny. Now he's living in a laundry basket so he's laundry basket bunny. We really should name him. We added a towel food and water. Can he just stay in the laundry basket and by the time he's too big for it he will...
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    Champagne d'argents

    Finally remembered the camera so here are the (5) 8week olds of our first champagne litter. I think there are 3 does and 2 bucks. I may keep a doe but I was gonna offer someone who wants a buck a trade for a doe since my buck and doe are already half siblings. MD1 I forgot to get top...
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    Yuki has not been feeding her kits well despite always feeling lumpy. Today they seemed even hungrier than before and so I flipped yuki over to try putting a kit on her. The kit didn't seem to be able to get anything despite yuki having 2 large lumps. I started feeling around and the 2 lumps are...
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    more mini rex critique

    Somewhat better pictures of Twix who is also Mocha's granddaughter: This is our newer buck Ashige: Very nice coat and broad head but I think a little long in the body. Back feet a little far forward Better pics of Mocha from his breeder: Kita out of Twix x Mocha: A bit...
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    need foster doe- eastern Iowa

    We lost a doe to a prolasped uterus today after giving birth to a bunch of kits. I only got a quick count before rushing the doe to the vet where she was euthanized and I think there's about 10. I'm going to see if I can get my doe with 2 week old kits to nurse a few while being held and I'll...
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    carrier size for mini rex

    I need carriers. I had to bring my last mini rex acquisition home in a box. The breeder just emailed me back about the size for my champagne does but I forget to ask about the mini rex since they also have those too. So what compartment dimensions are best for mini rex?
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    kits haven't been fed

    They were born between 4 and 5pm and it's almost 10pm now. I tried researching how long is normal but the best answer I got was it may be hours. Is 4-5hours without a first meal too long? The doe pulled fur and had them all in the nest box before going back to sitting in the far corner where she...
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    champagne d'argent

    What do you think of these champagnes? 6month doe 4month old full sister
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    d'argent wanted in Iowa

    I'd love blue but I'm not even sure they exist in the US so my second choice is creme. I will also settle for champagne if I can't find anything else. I'm looking for a buck and a couple does or some pregnant does to get started. I've emailed several people and answered ads without getting...
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    Mini rex herd critique

    This is my first attempt posing and the first time the younger ones have been posed so I apologize for some less than (by alot) perfect pics. I would be interested in comments about how to pose them better. The broken blue especially was really tense and would not pose on a smooth surface...
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    walk me through this

    I've read the threads, links, and done my own searches about breeding rabbits but I need someone to just go through it all in detail with me. I've got a registered chocolate mini rex doe that is 1 year old, and a registered chocolate mini rex buck that is 2 years old. I also have a few mini rex...
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    Rehome of little dutch rabbit-Iowa

    The situation is complicated but we are being forced to move from the farm house we are renting to a condo my husband owns. I need to scale down everything including the rabbits. I have a little pet dutch buck who I have decided to part with. I think he is around 5 months old. He is being...
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    custom urine guards

    What can I use as a urine guard around a custom made wire cage? A couple of them have decided all pee should go out the side of the cage to the point it's running across the floor every day.
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    mini rex color question

    I have a pedigreed supposedly broken castor mini rex. For some reason the breeders decided to cross black to broken castor and then a broken black from that breeding to an opal out of 2 opals. Resulting in (at least what I know of ) blue, "castor", and opal. Didn't see the opal though so again...
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