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    The Netherlands

    Sharing with you all our rabbit-savvy vet in Rotterdam. They are friendly, professional, and the staff speak good English if you're not a native Dutch speaker. Caressa Dierenkliniek Walenburg Walenburgerweg 51 3039 AD Rotterdam (010) 466-1553 I was very worried...
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    Bunny care during vacation?

    What arrangements do you make for your bunny when you're on vacation or just need to be away from home for X amount of time? My husband and I will be flying out to the US soon. We'll be gone for three weeks. Our bunny Luigi will be moved to my mother-in-law's house until we return...
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    Peeing on the mattress :(

    Luigi is a neutered male lop (neutered for exactly one month now) and I know the hormones won't be completely gone until after 6-8 weeks post-neuter, but I'm at my wit's end. He is perfectly litter trained and knows exactly where to go (his cage) when he needs to use the toilet. These are...
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