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    Urgent but quick question

    Flopsy had her op yesterday. All seems to be wellwith her, wound looking good, she's active, pooping a little, drinkingand weeing normally EXCEPT she won't eat, not anything. I've been back to the vets and got some liquid feed to syringe into her every three hours. I also bought some stuff...
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    Rescued rabbit

    I am SO glad I rescued that rabbit on Friday. Hewas being kept in dreadful conditions, it just makes me so sad thatpeople don't know better :(. Those who read my other post may have noticed the 'he' he's definitelya boy I had a good check, though he only has one testicle. We stillhaven't...
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    Rescued rabbit

    A fewweeks ago I was in the pet shopbuying hay and the customer in front was obviously trying to find a wayto rehome an older rabbit, and the petshop woman was basically sayingsorry no one wants older ones and his chances of rehoming were prettymuch nil round here. Of course I butted in and...
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    I've just read on the Groundhog Day post it's Rose's birthday today (rabbitgirl) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rose :D.
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    False pregnancy?

    Due to unexpected problems with my computer it'sbeen out of action since last Friday afternoon so I've got a LOT ofcatch up reading to do again, and I'm due at work shortly but... I've been worrying over Flopsy. For the last ten days or so herbehaviour became so unlike her that I stopped trying...
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    Photos of my rabbits

    Hi and here are my rabbits at last. This isTarragon on the avatar photo. He's the smallest and wiriest of thesiblings, and by far thefriendliest. This is Selkie who's the largest and looks most like her Dad, thoughthey're all smaller than their parents. She's been a lot happier aboutbeing...
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    O/T Photos

    Well I thought I was on my way having got theavatar done, but I'm having problems with the photos. I've resized themdown to around 450 pixels or less and got them onto photobucket but howdo I get them from photobucket onto the topic? When I hit the insertimagebutton it comes up as Explorer User...
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    Avatar at last!!!

    After five months of trying to get photos onto myold computer today it finally happened :D:D:D. It's taken me a wholeday of upgrading and putting new stuff in with hours on the phone to avery patient and long suffering brother in lawbut I'veFINALLY got there.I'm so computer illiterate I can't...
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    Bunberry is a VERY happy bunny :-D

    Yesterday I tried to get photos of the bunniesagain (long story:() and Bunberry jumped free. Well it was about to beHarebell and Selkie's turn to run loose so after a quick check to seeif I had everything to deal with three fighting rabbits if necessary Iopened their cage door and let them out...
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    Tarragon ill - really worried

    We started bonding Tarragon and Flopsy two daysago and it seemed to be going well, just mounting each other andrunning around but no fighting. Last night Tarragon refused his treatand this morning we weren't woken by the noise of him crashingeverything in his cage. He refused his treat again and...
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    Just updating

    Sorry I've not posted in so long again. I speedcheck into this site as often as I can because it cheers me up to hearfrom all the familiar people, and see the new posts, but I've had notime to write.I'm hoping that over the next few weeks thingswill be less hectic. I'm pleased to say the four...
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    Hello again and please help

    Hi everyone For reasons too long to go into right now I haven't been able to postfor the last couple of months though when I can I've been paying flyingvisits here to keep up with what's been going on. Don't know how I'dhave survived without all you wonderful people in the background of mylife...
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    Bad bunny and stressed bunny

    Tarragon - well it would be!! - had an extrahormonal surgethe last 24 hoursand yesterday hespent his time shredding ripping tossing and bashing everything hecould when he wasn't running circles round Flopsy's cage trying toimpress her. His cage looked like he'd had a confetti party in there...
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    A lop question

    One of my rabbits came from a petshop becauseafter a month in there and lots of other rabbits come and gone stillno-one wanted her. I can't understand why as to me she's one of thesweetest rabbits possible, maybe I'm a little biased though :D. The petshop woman said she came from a lop breeder...
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    Hi I've been noticing that since you startingposting up pictures of your rabbits that a lot of them are drawings,are they done by you? I've been wanting to ask for a while now butsince that extra beautiful one of the rabbit and the moon which Ireally really love I have to ask you :).
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    Technical help please

    Help please :) My daughter wants to join the forum but at the moment there's only oneemail address to this computer. I've tried a lot to get this sorted outin the past but with no luck. When she tried to get a logon nameregistered to her it wouldn't work, presumably because it's the sameemail...
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    My rabbit gang

    Just thought I'dwrite an update on mylittle bunnies, I've been so busy recently that all I've had time forhere is reading everyone else's posts. Still haven't got any photosofmy herdbut I'm hoping to be able to put some upnext week. I didn't wait till eleven weeks to separate them, Tarragon...
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    Well most of the books I read as soon as I knew I was going to get my little flock said that it was quite easy to train bunnies not to chew furniture etc as long as you gave them other stuff to chew. But I've been reading the posts and although I laughed and maybe I shouldn't have, it seems that...
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    Separating rabbits

    :)Hi everyone I found this forum yesterday and I think it's great :). I've read most of the last few pages of posts and was really enjoyingit til I read one that said rabbits should be separated out at eightweeks, everywhere else I'd come across said twelve and now I'm in a bitof a panic and...
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