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  1. peanutbutter

    Bunny breed?

    Hiya, not sure if anyone can help me, my rabbit is a lion head mix. Her dad is a lion head and her mum is a white rabbit breed. I can’t for the life of me work it out and O just really would love to know what my bunny is. :( If anyone could help me I have attached some pics of the dad, mum and...
  2. peanutbutter

    Bunny scare acting strange, please help!

    Thank you for the response. She does come to my boyfriends’ quite regularly but i also know she doesn’t eat in new places, she refused to eat at the vets after her spay but ate loads as soon as she was home, however her appetite was better last night than it was during the day. I gave her some...
  3. peanutbutter

    Bunny scare acting strange, please help!

    Hi all, yesterday evening the metal dog pen fell on top of my rabbit, it was folded up at one end so it didn’t fall and flatten her, but it did land on her. She seemed fine not limping still running about and taking food, I was more worried about shock. I brought her with me to my boyfriends...
  4. peanutbutter

    Rabbit spay booked, super nervous mum!

    Hi all, I’ve had my sweet Peanut since January this year she’s about 6/7 months old now, and she is my life and soul and my whole child! I have been procrastinating calling the vets for a little while as the vets have only started doing routine procedures fairly recently. I AM TERRIFIED I know...