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  1. BunLuvvie

    No rabbit, parents are changing their minds.

    Well, my mom just dropped a huge bomb on me today. I cannot get a rabbit. AT ALL. She already promised and everything, But she had to get a cat before the rabbit. (she's a cat person) So we have the kitty. Now she says she did some research and that rabbits are dirty, destructive and carry...
  2. BunLuvvie


    Up until now I have been set on getting a rabbit. 100% set. Now we have a new kitten, Misha and he has been so much fun and affectionate that I have been wanting to get a playmate for him. A shelter kitten. The thing is I still want the bunny but I can't get both. Complication: I'm allergic to...
  3. BunLuvvie

    Cat forums?

    Do you know any good ones that are as friendly and active as this forum? I had a cat a looong time ago, but my parents were the main caretakers. (I was 5) Now I'm getting one and I'm also getting the responsibility. :P
  4. BunLuvvie

    New Kitten

    This Sunday were getting a kitten!!! He is 11 weeks old, a Siberian, and VERY active. We are still working on the name. I wish I could get one from a rescue, but I'm severely allergic to cats, and this breed is hypoallergenic to me.
  5. BunLuvvie

    Do rabbits need buddies?

    I was wondering if one rabbit would be happy without a bun-friend. I am starting out with one and don't want her to be lonely. If I spoiled her and spent alot of time with her, would it be ok? Mods; I'm not sure I posted in the right place, feel free to move this post.
  6. BunLuvvie

    lonely and sad.

    I'm usually a optimistic happy person, but right now I'm feeling pretty lonely. The guy I liked led me on to think he actually cared about me, now he's indifferent towards me.:tears2: My "best friend" hasn't called, texted, emailed or noticed me for weeks now. Neither has any of my other...
  7. BunLuvvie

    Great toys

    What are some of the toys you made or bought that your bunny adored? I am wondering about those edible ECOTRITION logs and huts, are they really worth the price($20.00)? Or do parrot wood chews work just as well?
  8. BunLuvvie

    Bunluvvie's Bun-ventures

    My blog is http://bunluvvie.livejournal.com Visit me-I don't bite!!
  9. BunLuvvie

    Growing bunny-safe flowers!

    I am going to be growing bunny-safe plants in pots (our yard is clay-soil) Anyone know of a really easy flower? I like sunflowers but I don't know if they grow well in pots. Marigolds maybe? I have no clue.:pink iris: