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    Spayed rabbit pees in 2 spots

    She is 2 years old and spayed, she normally pees in her litter box in a corner, but sometimes she goes under the bed and pees in a corner there. So she pees in 2 corners. Could it be because her litter box has too much pee in it she's forced to pee somewhere else? I use puppy pee pads and I...
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    Rabbit birthday ideas? 🥳

    My baby bunny will be 2 in 20 days, and I want to make it special 🥺 Because she's literally my everything lol. I have an idea to make a "all you can eat for rabbits" I buy like 10 types of vegetables and fruits, put them on plates and let my rabbit do her thing, but if you have other ideas...
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    Why is my rabbit so antisocial?

    I have 1 single rabbit, she is 1 months from being 2 years old, spayed, free roam. Ever since I got her she has always been antisocial, aggressive to 99% people, and don't like to be pet, cuddled. I bought her so much toys and I try to spend time with her, but she just grunts annoyed-ly and hops...