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    Hi everyone!

    Hi Lissa! I haven't been around in awhile but Idecided to stop by and I'm glad I did! Oliver is adorable! I love thepictures, especially the black-and-white one. Congratulations to bothyou and Jason! Lissa
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    Wow, that's a really funny video! It reminds me of the time I saw a rabbit attack a squirrel in my backyard. The rabbit was eating and the squirrel kept getting closer and closer. Then all of a sudden the rabbit jumped up and startingattacking the squirrel. After that the rest of thesquirrels...
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    PIN: In Memory...

    Thank you Greta and Laura! That was verytouching and a nice way of honoring all the bunnies that have been lostthis past year. I still miss my BlueBelle so much. Lissa
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    How Old is our bunny ppl here?

    I'm 16 years old and CupCake is 3 years old. Her birthday is May 22nd.
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    Slightly stuffy nose?

    I fed CupCake her dinner andher breathing sounded a little louder than normal. It sounds like a stuffy nose. So I checked her nose and there was nothing in it. Her eyes aren't running and I haven't heard her sneezing at all.Her eating and bathroom habits haven't changed at all. I did notice the...
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    The Trio's Thread

    Wow! You look so pretty! I love the dress and your hair. I'm sure Mocha would have made the perfect Prom date. Doesn't every girl want their date to have huge ears, a twitching nose, and a fur coat? :D Lissa
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    Car accident

    If you do go to your doctor ask himif he canrecommend a chiropractor. A chiropractor can move your spine and other thingsback into place if anything gotbumped out of place. I'm a dancer and every once in awhile I'll go to my chiropractor and he'll do an adjustment.My back (or whatever else he...
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    Haley's back from the vet

    I'm so glad you got her to a vet. I bet you're relieved now. She is so adorable in that picture! I bet you can't take your eyes off her. Lissa
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    My Bunny Blog

    She can have quite an attitude sometimes. I think everyone saying"Aww what a cute little bunny"to her has gone to her head. I have noticed that she starts posing for the camera every once in awhile. Haha I think I'm creating a monster... A couple nights ago I had to take someclothes out of...
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    The Trio's Thread

    MyBabyBunnies wrote: Oh that's really funny! They were probably like "Dowe know her?" I bet you looked beautiful. I loved the pictures of Zoey, Mocha, and Spice. What characters. Lissa
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    Holly's blog

    I love those pictures. Its a shame she doesn't like her food that much...You should really give her something she likes!:roflmao:A bunny that thinks she is a parrot. Yeahthat's a new one. She is a real cutie. Lissa
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    Emmy's Picture

    Aww! She looks like such a sweety. I can't wait for the video. Lissa
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    New borns blog

    Awww! So adorable. I love the little tongue! What a cute little fuzzy you have. Lissa
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    Car accident

    Wow how scary! I'm so glad you weren't seriously injured. I've been in a couple car accidents before so I know how terrifying they can be. And now that I'm learning how to drive I see how stupid some drivers are. I hope you feel less sore soon.:hug: Lissa
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    :roflmao:That picture of Pebblesis hilarious!
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    Cookie & Twix (aka Cream!)

    What cuties you have! I sure hope Twix feels better soon. BTW- Their names make me so hungry!
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    Marbles & Mocha

    Ooo I love the snuggle pictures! They are so adorable.
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    Wildlife Shelter

    Well, you could tell them you a very interested in volunteering with them. Then tell them that you have a lot of experience with rabbits and you would love to help them out with any rabbits they have. I'm also a "planner." But I've found that things never seem to work out the way I've...
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    Is it normal for bunnies not to eat certain veggies?

    Here is a great list of safe and not safe foods. http://earthhome.tripod.com/rabsafe.htmlI haven't found anything wrong with it so far, but if anyone sees something that isnot rightplease tell me. Lissa
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    I Would Like You All To Meet "Haley"!

    Oops Sas you type faster than me. But I agree keep a very close eye on her. But I'm afraid there isn't really much else you can do for her. That's why I tend to stay away from pet shops. The rabbits they have there are so young looking it makes me sad to think that they are already away from...