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    Spayed rabbit pees in 2 spots

    She is 2 years old and spayed, she normally pees in her litter box in a corner, but sometimes she goes under the bed and pees in a corner there. So she pees in 2 corners. Could it be because her litter box has too much pee in it she's forced to pee somewhere else? I use puppy pee pads and I...
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    Rabbit birthday ideas? 🥳

    My baby bunny will be 2 in 20 days, and I want to make it special 🥺 Because she's literally my everything lol. I have an idea to make a "all you can eat for rabbits" I buy like 10 types of vegetables and fruits, put them on plates and let my rabbit do her thing, but if you have other ideas...
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    Yeah, I had the same problem ;~; My dad had cats before so he can cut animal nails. But he has to put the poor thing on his lap, with me feeding her months worth of pellets during that short 3 minutes of nail trimming, so she is distracted 😂 Aren't there nail cutters with a light? Or you can try...
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    How much fruit should I feed my bunny

    They go crazy! When I'm eating fruits she'll stand next to me waiting patiently and circling my feet even after I finish the fruits. How can you possibly eat fruits without feeding them? Their cute little faces...🥺
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    What's you buns favourite food ?

    Everything. She even eats lemon. But not vegetables! She absolutely hates vegetables for some reason.
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    Could it just be smushed cecotropes? Other than this wet poop, are the other poops still normal? If your rabbit eats a good diet I don't think she would have diarrhea...
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    Hm, my rabbit had a tiny open wound on her back too, I thought it was something sharp scratched her under the bed, but it was just her own nails (when she scratches her back with her back legs?) Could it be that? Are her nails trimmed?
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    How much fruit should I feed my bunny

    You should teach her tricks and feed fruits as a reward :p You're making feeding fruits sound like a chore, haha, it's good for bonding.
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    Why is my rabbit so antisocial?

    I have 1 single rabbit, she is 1 months from being 2 years old, spayed, free roam. Ever since I got her she has always been antisocial, aggressive to 99% people, and don't like to be pet, cuddled. I bought her so much toys and I try to spend time with her, but she just grunts annoyed-ly and hops...