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  1. SweetPeasMommie

    Stay Tooned (We are moving)

    :pinkelepht::panic::yahoo:It is official, We spoke to the owner of the house they are renting and we got it. WE loved the place, it is just up the street from my parents house. WE start moving in few wks now. We have been packing for a few months cause we had planed on moving once we got out...
  2. SweetPeasMommie

    Home decorations

    My hubby and I will be moving back to Pa hopefully before winter but spring at the latest. I have been wanting to do country themes styles for each room of the house. Its own color, style and all. I already have one for the kitchen and our bedroom. I am planing on doing John Deere themes for...
  3. SweetPeasMommie

    Which photo do you like

    Ok gangs, My hubby said he likes color. But I am starting to like black and white photos too. So I need your help. I am debating on doing either color or black and white. I am going to be printing one up to put in a best friend see through frame to give to my best friend Sarah for her...
  4. SweetPeasMommie

    Pet Skunks

    Anyone have a pet Skunk at all. My hubby and I are going to get 2 baby pet skunks after our dog passes away. Which will be quite a few years though. We have been very interested in them. If any of you owned one, what is the best forum to go to.
  5. SweetPeasMommie

    My Aunt (pray for her)

    To read up more about my aunt go to this thread My Aunt's Story I found more information about her last night through my dad. My hubby got a call from my dad at work last night. They were over my Aunts house and while there my aunts doctor called and told her that there was no use in getting...
  6. SweetPeasMommie

    *URGENT* Prayers for my cousin Mike Jennings

    Ok here is what happened. My cousin was at the Kentucky Derby, he and his buddies decided to crash at the hotel for the night then go home. He was found laying on the ground 2 stories from his hotel room. He slept walked and was found on the ground. He had his cell phone on him and he kept...
  7. SweetPeasMommie

    Little People Big World

    Who watches that show. I do every monday I watch the new shows. Right now they are adding on to the house again with 4 car garage. No wonder why Matt does it all without consulting Amy cause he knows that Amy will stop it all.
  8. SweetPeasMommie

    ZooToo accounts

    I searched and could not find a thread for all who have an account there. I have one, PawsTastic is my user name there. Anyone else have one.
  9. SweetPeasMommie

    American Cancer Society

    My cousin Amy, is going to do the American Cancer Society Relay on April 26th and 27th. She does a lot of relays all her life. She is doing this in memory of my sister Christie who passed away on November 15th 2007. click on the link below, it will take you to Amy's page. You will see a...
  10. SweetPeasMommie

    Going to see a house

    Tomorrow morning we are going to Pittsburgh Pa our hometown to see a house we saw for rent. Beautiful remoddled home a semi victorian home. Here is the house They are asking 850 dollars a month to rent that place. We can now afford a better home for us. :-X I am looking forward to seeing the...
  11. SweetPeasMommie

    The idiot test

    Try this, it is funnnnnnnnnnn http://www.heavygames.com/theidiottest/showgame.asp
  12. SweetPeasMommie

    Thumpin Thursday

    This is my first one I done. Well how is everyone today. Well it finally reached 62 degrees today. I think Imma gonna go for a nice loooooooooooong walk. Cause after sat it will be chilly then warm again. Spring is here cause Robins were out everywhere getting wormies out of the wet mucky...
  13. SweetPeasMommie

    Us Soldier throwing a puppy over clif

    If you can not watch it then don't. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I understand that we have many people getting killed but you don't throw an innocent puppy like that. Staff Edit: We've removed the link to this video because it's simplynot...
  14. SweetPeasMommie

    Tongue Piercings

    Yeah I can not wait to get it done. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooo Hub said i don't care if you do it or not. I may not like it but that ain't gunna stop me from loving ya. lol Weeeeeeeeee, so once I get to pgh and I will be planing a day to get it done. Wee, also I am goign to price how...
  15. SweetPeasMommie

    Adopt a pet monthLo

    Ok I have searched on Google and found nothing. All I got is these months. Jan - adopt a bird month Feb- adopt a bun month Mar - adopt a guinea pig month June - adopt a cat month October - adopt a dog month November - adopt a senior pet month Isnt there one for Rats, Ferrets...
  16. SweetPeasMommie

    PawsTastic Adoption Blog

    Here is the rabbit page I started on. It is for my local shelters in Pittsburgh Pa. It don't hurt helping your local shelters right. Well here is the rabbit page I started on. These buns are from the Humane Society in Pittsburgh Pa The North Side area. I do not know where to put it so if it...
  17. SweetPeasMommie

    What is the difference between ringtone and ringback tones

    I am looking into downloading a few ringtones to get rid of the blah ones. What is the difference. Anyone?
  18. SweetPeasMommie

    Need a good name for a blog

    I am going to be making a blog to talk about all my deaf friends, how much fun deaf people can be, what we can do in our lives too. Also to talk about me and my best friends I have known since we all were 2 years old even some were younger. So I need some good names. Most are girls but there...
  19. SweetPeasMommie

    7up commercial

    I laughed so hard hearing this bun burp in this commercial. lol I love it. http://youtube.com/watch?v=FKXnlFpmsCU
  20. SweetPeasMommie

    Anyone dress like Emo or have hair style like them

    I know I am 30 yrs old but I love how the Emo's have their hair and some of the cute clothing. Is there anything wrong with a 30 year old wanting to do Emo at all. I have short hair right now, long enough to have bangs, behind my bangs be flattend to the side and punky spikes in the back. I am...