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    Grooming- A right way?

    Hey all! CiCi is shedding pretty profusely. I'm positive its just a normal molt, add to that its summer. However... It seems no matter how much I brush, there is ALWAYS more fur. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing it wrong! Basically what I do is: 1) Dampen my hands, and run them...
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    CiCi's Moving Blog

    Hello! CiCi here! Ma thought it'd be nice for me to write about my journey andnewhome inIowa. She thinks it will help me not be bored, and let people know what's going on in my bunny life. :D Well, a few days ago mom started packing my suitcase. She says we must pack lots of my toys, some new...
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    Travelling With Rabbits

    Hey all! I know a lot of you travel or have travelled with your rabbits. In a month or so, my family and pets (including CiCi the diva) will be driving for 2 days to our new home in Iowa. The farthest I have travelled with bunny in tow was 4 hours from Ft. Rily KS to the same place in Iowa...
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    I'm Moving

    Hey all! I know I haven't been around on the forum for too long (or that active, but let me explain ;) ) but I wanted to let you all know I will be moving rather soon. I just found out Sunday. Now, for the past 4-5 months my mom has been talking about moving. But with my dad overseas, neither...
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    Show Listings

    Gah! Here I am, looking for shows to go to, like I'm supposed to. I found one in August, I plan on attending. That is if I can get any information about it! I mean goodness I don't understand show lingo yet. Open, double open, youth. Bah can't you just tell me where its at, when it starts, what...
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    Starting to Show, Possibly Founding a Rabbitry

    Hey there! I am new here, and I joinedpartially because I am looking into showing rabbits, and in turn that basically implies a rabbitry, even if its just a small one. I want to focus on Polish, as while I like the Nethies, I dislike the short stubby ears... Besides, a Polish *looks* much like a...