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    CiCi's Moving Blog

    Hey again! We finally made it to Iowa a few days ago. I just now could get to a computer! The trip was loooooong and kind of boring. I had to ride near the cats, and they just would not shut up. But I got to run around a lot of gas stations, and I've eaten grass in GA, TN, KY, MO, and now...
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    CiCi's Moving Blog

    Here are some new pics, I finally got Ma to do it! Me and my bag and bear blankie! And yes, I have a lot of stuff! I think on the trip I will get to have a lot of parsely and cucumber, so that if I don't feel like drinking, I can just eat that. Its supposed to...
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    Sevre Allergies?

    I'm not severely allergic to anything, not to the point I'd die or something like that. If I am, I havent found out about it! I am allergic to cats, though. Which... doesn't matter much because I have two cats! :?I know, smart. My sister is allergic to strawberries; she has severe...
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    Grooming- A right way?

    Hmmm a Zoom Groom.. I will have to look that up! It sounds worthwhile. When she's not shedding, its no issue to just pick her up and haul her around, but when she sheds, the fur just ends up everywhere. *sighs* Not that I mind all the brushing, just I'm wondering how long she'll shed for...
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    CiCi's Moving Blog

    Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! Only 3 more days until we leave! Ma let me have one of my new toys early, its a blankie with a bear head on it.Its really soft. She thinks I will like to snuggle with it, since I was a bit naughty and tore up my small blankie I had in my bed. Little does she...
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    Grooming- A right way?

    Hey all! CiCi is shedding pretty profusely. I'm positive its just a normal molt, add to that its summer. However... It seems no matter how much I brush, there is ALWAYS more fur. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing it wrong! Basically what I do is: 1) Dampen my hands, and run them...
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    Iszy had to be put to sleep. :(

    Oh dear. :( I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you.
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    Elizabeth's Foster "Kids"

    He is GORGEOUS! *drool* He's lovely! Thanks for looking out for him, I hope he finds a great home soon. :)
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    CiCi's Moving Blog

    Hello! CiCi here! Ma thought it'd be nice for me to write about my journey andnewhome inIowa. She thinks it will help me not be bored, and let people know what's going on in my bunny life. :D Well, a few days ago mom started packing my suitcase. She says we must pack lots of my toys, some new...
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    How is this different!!! **Rant**

    :)Anytime. It surprised me a bit because usually I dislike snakes very much, but I realize there are always more sides to the story thanmy own.
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    How is this different!!! **Rant**

    Hmm... This is avery interesting conversation we have here. In regards to the original post... I agree, animals deserve respect and dignity in their lives. Whether that means being humanely euthanised when they are suffering too greatly or given a great life before they are made into...
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    Confession Stand/Embarassment

    Oh my goodness, you guys have me ROLLING! These are GREAT! :rofl: I guess its only fair to share something in return, yes? Ok, revenge first. Don't think me too mean! : I was at a modeling show with my sister, who models. I usually work backstage at these shows when they are...
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    Test Tube Meat Nears Dinner Table

    Oh goody! That's two for some test tube bbq! :D Anyone else care to join us? LOL
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    Test Tube Meat Nears Dinner Table

    *raises hand* I'll try it first, and let ya'll know how it is. :DCan't be THAT bad, now. Its basically the same thing, just never had a face, name, or a central nervous system. :)
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    Travelling With Rabbits

    Thanks, Jim! I'm pretty sure we will be in the car most of the time, as when we take road trips we rarely stop to sit and eat, just drive throughs. (We believe in eating healthy, even while traveling. ;):DLOL) I'll be sure to try and keep the temp constant so she doesn't overheat. That's my...
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    Travelling With Rabbits

    That sounds just like what I plan to do. :)Thanks for the input! :cool:
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    I'm Moving

    Thanks, Pipp. :) Thankfully they have internet in Iowa. (ha ha) :DSo I'll be able to keep in contact with folks and my sisters. Besides the phone, of course. :cool: I'm really excited about the house part of it... Right now we live in a military apartment/unit complex. Lots of CLOSE...
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    Results of the 4-H fair

    Sounds like you made out pretty decent. :D Congrats!
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    Travelling With Rabbits

    Eee I didn't even think about that, Sharon. I wouldn't want her to choke on her water... It won't be hard to offer their waterbottles when we stop. Almost 2 years ago we made the same trip, and had taken along my hamster. Thats how I found out that waterbottles and car trips don't mix. :?So from...
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    Wheeeee!! We're MOVING!!!

    Ooo!!! I'm so happy for you!! And I'm glad you'll be moving somewhere safer. Thats part of the reason why we are moving, too. So I know how it goes. :) And Harper will LOVE it out there! :bunnydance: Congrats, and do tell us all about the house when you get settled!!! :D:cool: