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  1. BunLuvvie

    The "cool" people

    People who are insecure bully others. I don't even want to know those people. You can consider them the "insecure crowd :P " BTW, Youre not ugly at all and whoever says that needs a new head. Personality wise, YOU are more likable than the plastics.
  2. BunLuvvie

    Checkered Giants ready to come home but dilemma strikes

    Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you are ok, that must have been scary!! Poor Mercy, I'm so glad she's ok also. I'm so sorry about the buns though. I wish I could help, but I can't drive yet (I'm 14 :) )
  3. BunLuvvie

    Caption Contest #35

    Bun #1: This thing is slow-is that a gas peda-wHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Bun #2: LOOK OUT, SLOW DOWN, WERE GOING TO DIE *hyperventilate* loOK OUT!!
  4. BunLuvvie

    Going to hospital tomorrow- wish me luck!

    I hope you feel better!:) When I had mouth pain I found Chloraseptic-a numbing spray- to help. It numbs your entire mouth but it feels really weird. Maybe It's not strong enough for severe pain though. What's ironic is that tomorrow I'm going to the oral surgeon to get a tooth that's growing in...
  5. BunLuvvie

    I have a very odd favor to ask you guys.

    70%?! That means that *gulp* 30% don't survive!! Thats like every 3 out of ten buns...Don't use that vet. http://www.rabbit.org/vets/vets.html to find a rabbit-friendly vet
  6. BunLuvvie

    Michael Jackson

    No way!! That is so awesome, Michal Jackson just needs a break from all these crazed reporter rumors.
  7. BunLuvvie

    No rabbit, parents are changing their minds.

    anneq wrote: lol, She'll take one look at my buns and melt.
  8. BunLuvvie

    No rabbit, parents are changing their minds.

    Its a...YES!!!!! I CAN get 2 buns in our shed if I get it cleaned out and disinfected and but in some filters. YESS! THANK YOU everybody who came up with the ideas especially the shed idea. THANK YOU!!!:bunnydance::pinkbouce::yes::party:
  9. BunLuvvie

    Becca's Brilliant Bunnsters!

    Your blog is awesome, I hope you feel better! I would see a doctor if I were you, last time I had a sore throat I had bronchitis. Yikes! So definitely see a doctor.
  10. BunLuvvie

    No rabbit, parents are changing their minds.

    Becca wrote: lol My shed is filled with spiderwebs and junk but my dad offered to help me clean it. Once it's clean it would be great, its carpeted and really nice underneath all the spiderwebs. I will be adopting on petfinder or maybe craigslist for any kind of rabbit, I love jersey...
  11. BunLuvvie

    No rabbit, parents are changing their minds.

    If I get my rabbit and he lives in the shed, I will definitely get more then one bunny.
  12. BunLuvvie

    No rabbit, parents are changing their minds.

    Thank you, everyone for all your responses and GREAT ideas, I do have a shed or pool-house, but I'd have to do some major cleaning up. and get a de-humidifier(It's moldy in there) But I really like that idea because there's a couch in there and a work bench and lots of room! gosh, my hopes are...
  13. BunLuvvie

    No rabbit, parents are changing their minds.

    Mom said the only way to get a rabbit was if I kept him outside. There are at least 5 neighborhood cats on free roam, I've seen them in our backyard all the time! Way too dangerous.
  14. BunLuvvie

    No rabbit, parents are changing their minds.

    Well, my mom just dropped a huge bomb on me today. I cannot get a rabbit. AT ALL. She already promised and everything, But she had to get a cat before the rabbit. (she's a cat person) So we have the kitty. Now she says she did some research and that rabbits are dirty, destructive and carry...
  15. BunLuvvie

    New holland lop :)

    I love Hollands, She looks so sweet!! Yep, just like ItsaZoo said, Lacy wants to be the top of the pack or the alpha. "I would have two cages set up for the rabbits side by side, about three inches apart. It is important to keep the cages slightly apart because they will sometimes try to bite...
  16. BunLuvvie


    Up until now I have been set on getting a rabbit. 100% set. Now we have a new kitten, Misha and he has been so much fun and affectionate that I have been wanting to get a playmate for him. A shelter kitten. The thing is I still want the bunny but I can't get both. Complication: I'm allergic to...
  17. BunLuvvie

    May Not Be Around Alot For A While

    Oh my goodness I am incredibly sorry. It is always one thing happens and then another tragedy happens at the same time. I hope you feel better and try to keep busy to keep your mind off of it. Once again, I really hope you feel better. *hug*:bunnyhug:
  18. BunLuvvie

    Anyone else ever wasted time talking to ALICE?

    I think I just taught her what a calculator is. Oops. It went somewhat like this: Human: is your name alice? ALICE: Yes. Human: Nice to meet you, Alice. ALICE: It's nice meeting you too Sarah. Human: What does A.L.I.C.E stand for? ALICE: ALICE = Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer...
  19. BunLuvvie

    5 Things...

    Pets, Internet, Music, Cinnamon(I put it on everything), shoes. So now am I supposed to list a new question?:? I love these "top 5's"!
  20. BunLuvvie

    Rabbit coat poll

    Random spots. I always have been a sucker for spots, whether on horses, cows, rabbits, dogs and all other critters. I don't know why, I just love spotted things!