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    What Would You Do?

    Okay, so Merri is positive for E. Cuniculi. Her previous owner claimed she got it at 7 weeks and she's now 6 months. From what I've read, it's no longer in the contagious stages once they show symptoms (but one site said to keep them separated anyways). Merri is in my room, with Willow on the...
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    :. The Fantastic Five .:

    So it was getting confusing keepingup with 3 different bunny blogs, and then theother two never had a blog yet (bad me!). Ifigured it'd be a good idea to just make one blogfor everybunny so no more separate blogs. Here's the links for Harper, Thumper, and Chance's blogs... Harper...
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    Pulling an all nighter with a bunny and a heating pad

    My vet said that Willow is too weak to regulate his own body temp and that is why he's freezing cold, breathing slow,and has a slower heart beat. That everything slows down when they are sick and his slower breathing is causing his colder body temp. He wanted me to stick a heating pad under...
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    Is Coccidia Contagious to Other Pets? Humans?

    Willow was diagnosed with Coccidia. He's housed alone so I'm not concerned about the other rabbits getting it. I wash my hands well, and change my clothes, ect. I've read the 101 section and I've been looking on the net, but I am getting a little confused. One or two sites say that rabbit...
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    Our Rabbit Rescue Makes Headlines In The Newspaper!

    Well, the day is here. The day the article onthe rescue is published! We made front page of the people section --one gigantic ad. Here's the online article, it's two pages. I'm soproud of Wendy (who is my bestest friend and owns the rescue in which Iam head volunteer), she rocks...
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    Need Immediate Advice! Foster With Head Tilt Coming at 10am

    It's 7:30pm at night, we just got a call for an immediate rabbit pickup at 10am. The girl said the rabbit is a 6 month old female, got head tilt at 2 months old, 1 week after she got her from a pet store. Took it to the vet, vet didn't do any test, just looked in the rabbit's ears, said it was...
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    New neighbors moved in, and they sell meat rabbits. Yay!

    That was sarcasm, of course. We got these new people that moved in down the street from us. His backyard is now covered in these small, wire boxes hanging from poles abovethe ground. In the boxes are 3 bunnies (NZW's andFloridaWhites) per square box. And the box areMAYBE 16x16x18 and are pure...
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    MBH's Foster Blog

    I thought since I have so many fosters come andgo, some stay with me months, some stay for under 24 hours, that I'dstart a foster blog so everyone could stay in one area. At the moment,I am currently fostering two buns, picking up a third (male) tonight,and getting a fourth (male)on Thursday...
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    Share Your Guinea Pig Setups!

    I'm going to build my girl Fungus (I didn't nameher and I hate her name, but long story on why she kept it)anew cage with a bunch of NIC grids I have left over. Ialready seen all the setup's on the Cavy websites, but I'm curious tosee any setup you guys here have for your piggie(s). It doesn't...
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    Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids!

    Trixie is an female mini lop girl, she was foundin January of this year byher previous ownerin NewOrleans. The woman was jogging one morning and found Trixie hoppingacross the road. She named her Trixie after the Trix commercial. Without further ado, here's pictures of Trixie, the camera hog...
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    Can guinea pigs give a rabbit mange mites?

    I have 5 rescued GP's -- two pairs, and onesingle. Three of them came to me with severe mange mites (some membersmay remember the story and pictures of Emma and Charlie). Well, they'rehoused in a separate bedroom, and last time they all had a breakout, Ididn't have any rabbits housed in there. I...
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    Chance is lethargic and urinating on himself

    I went to clean Chance's cage tonight and I walked in and found him laying down, soaked in pee. He had pee'd on himself and didn't even bother to move. I noticed yesterday that once he's in the yard, he appears happy, but inside in the last couple days,he's just not acting right. He doesn't get...
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    Thumper is weak and has mushy poo with mucus

    I went to clean Thumper's cage tonight and he was acting more... calm than usual. Almost lethargic like. He also had,again, the most God awful smelling poop I've ever smelled. I can't even describe it. I don't want to. His poo was almost mushy, and had some sort of ... white over it, I'm...
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    Hoarding Case -- 110 Parakeets Need Homes In Seattle

    Poor little keets! From: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070328/ap_on_fe_st/ odd_many_parakeets;_ylt=AvtPg..mjM_jM8svB471P9uek3QF SEATTLE - After receiving complaints from neighbors, Seattle AnimalShelter staffers found 110 parakeets Tuesday in a cage in the livingroom of a one-bedroom...
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    Holland Lop or Mini Lop?

    Here's a pic of my newest foster, with a side byside picture of Chance. She's on the left, Chance on the right. ChanceisMini Lop.Her ears look a little shorter, her faceis a bit more flatter, and she just looks different than him. Currentowner said weight was 4.5 to 5 pounds at the vet check in...
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    This is just plain sickening...

    Sick Scroll down to the very last ad. It's the local classifieds, and that ad just makes me sick.
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    Fine Dining -- Bunny Style!

    Tonight's Entree...
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    Pokey -- The Titanic Of Turtles!

    I thought I'd post some pictures of my gal PokeyThe Speedy Turtle, well known as the Titanic of Turtles! I took somepretty good pics (if I may say so myself :cool:) of her earlier andthought I'd share her queen-ness with everyone!
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    My newest foster should be here tomorrow!

    I am fostering her for the rescue, of course.The rescue is at full capacity, as are most of the other volunteers, soI get to foster this little chick-a-dee until adoption day. I'm picking her up tomorrow, and traveling pretty darn far to get her-- Hammond, LA. Which is about 2 hours from where...
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    What to do?

    I am in between a rock and a hard place. First,the rescue I work for can't accept anymore bunnies right now. We havebeen accepting more than we've been adopting out, then the girl justgot married, so no new bunnies right now. Next, someone I know needs to rehome her bunnies. Many bunnies. I...