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    Slightly stuffy nose?

    I fed CupCake her dinner andher breathing sounded a little louder than normal. It sounds like a stuffy nose. So I checked her nose and there was nothing in it. Her eyes aren't running and I haven't heard her sneezing at all.Her eating and bathroom habits haven't changed at all. I did notice the...
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    Water Bowls

    I currently have a heavyceramic bowl(or some material similar) for CupCake. BlueBelle had a plastic onethat screwed into her cage (highly necessary, she loved to rearrangeher cage). I'm considering switching CupCake over to a plastic onebecause hers needs to be washed everyday or it gets...
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    What is your Wallpaper?

    I did a search and didn't find any threads withthis topic, so since I thought this would be fun here we go! What isyour past/current/favorite desktop wallpaper? I tend to change my background every week but here are two of my "most recent"previous wallpapers. (Click to enlarge) Angry CupCake...
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    I am so excited. I'm going to Prom on Saturday!The guy I'm going with is really sweet.I don't really knowhim that welland I'm looking forward to getting to knowhimbetter. What's really nice is that a few other people frommy church are going to the same Prom, so we're all going together...
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    My Bunny Blog

    All right I thought I should start my own bloghere. It will force me to use my camera more! I think its only right tostart this off with a picture of my two babies together. So here is myfavorite picture of BlueBelle and CupCake together: I had CupCake out in my room today and I was able to...
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    Oh my! I've been bitten...

    I don't know how this happened but I got bit bythe bunny bug. I found myself on Petfinder the other day and I saw thislittle guy namedMax.I think he would be a good match for CupCake but I'm not sure howeither of us would handle a new bunny at this time. PlusI'mnot sure I have enough old towels...
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    Loss of one in a bonded pair

    My two rabbitswere not an officialbonded pair, they slept in separate cages and had occasional fights,but they were very close. Now that BlueBelle is gone and I know CupCakeis missing herI've been spending a lot of one on one timewith her. She has been very clingy and hasn't left my side for...
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    Sad News

    I know a lot of you don't know me or won't remember me, but I need some other bunny people to talk to. Last night my Holland Lop BlueBelle passed away. I am in shock and Ifeel so guilty. Wednesday afternoon when I let her run around I noticedshe wasn't as perky as she usually was, but still a...
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    I was just wondering if newspaper is all rightfor my rabbits to chew on. I have heard that it is bad from some peopleand perfectly fine from others :ponder:. I was going to roll it up andlet them drag it around and rip it to pieces. They got a hold ofaroll of paper towels once and loved it...
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    Poor BlueBelle

    My poor BlueBelle. This week I have been getting up reallyearly to go to horsecamp.Keeping that in mind,earlier this week I wasfeeding CupCake and BlueBelle their breakfast and then I closed theircages and walked upstairs. When I got picked up in the afternoon my momtold me that they had found...
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    Bunny Diet

    How should a rabbit be put on a diet? CupCake isa bit of a "Chunky Monkey" and I think she would benefit from a littleweight loss. My question is how should I go about putting her on adiet, should I just cut down on the pellets (and treats:shock:!) or isthere something else I should do too? Lissa
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    Is she sick?

    Earlier todayI noticed that CupCakewassneezing/coughing a little and then when I fed her tonighther ears felt colder than usual. Other than that she seems ok. She iseating and moving around the same, but I'm worried about her. Do youthink she is well? Lissa
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    I have been hearing CupCake make aweirdnoise when she eats things she likes. It actually sounds like a raspypig noise:shock:! I'm trying to figure out if she has a cold or if sheis just enjoying her treats. So far I'm stumped. Lissa
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    I'm back!

    Hi everyone! Our vacation was great. We practically walked our feet off though! Itwas a great week to be at the ocean, it was surprisinglycalmconsidering all the hurricanes and there was only one day when it wastoo rough to go in the water. We now have six new additions to our "animal...
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    Bye Everyone!

    I'm going to be off the board for about a week, we're going to Ocean City, NJ for our vacation. My Aunt is going to watch BlueBelle and CupCake while we're gone. I'mgoing to miss them tons! Their faces were hilarious whenI was packing up their foodfor the week. They were begginglike crazy, I of...
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    CupCake is freaking out

    This morning when I went downstairs to feed mybunnies I found CupCake jumping at every sound that I made. She wasobviously very scared of something and the way she was acting I thoughtsomething attacked her. Once I started petting her and talking to hershe seemed to calm down a little, but then...
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    Bunnies on the loose!

    I have a little part of mybasementbarricaded offthatI put my bunnies in to let themget some exercise, and they both have developed this way of distractingme so they can get out. First BlueBelle will walk around the entireenclosure poking at certain spots and once she finds a spot where shethinks...
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    Let's help our Soldiers!

    When our Soldiers go to war often their petsdon't have a place to stay so sadly many of them are given away. Thesewebsites are for people to sign up to be guardiansforSoldiers' animals who don't have a safeplace tostay:http://www.patrioticpets.organdhttp://www.netpets.org/netp/foster.php Please...
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    I'm back!!!!

    Hi All! I've really missed this board the past month or so. Our computercrashed, butmy dadfinally got it working!!!! My bunnies are doing great, but they seem to have developed a love for treats. Hmmm... wonder whose fault that is? Lissa, BlueBelle, and CupCake
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    Why is rabbit producing milk?

    I belong to another rabbit board whichunfortunately doesn't have many people on it. So, I was hoping thatsome of you could lend your advice to Fiona. She wrote: I am wondering why Brownie is producing milk in her nipples. Is sheready to be a mom again, maybe? Brownie has not been bred recently...