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    How long for snuffles to clear?

    My gorgeous 4 1/2 month year old ? (thought flemish giant but now don't think so) rabbit has had active snuffles since she got stressed on the car ride home. We took her to the vet as advised here and she has been on antibiotics for two weeks... The vet cultured her snot and it came up as...
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    Sigh... What breed is my bunny?

    Ok Guys, so my gf and I are having an INCREDIBLE first bunny experience, though it's certainly been a slightly rocky road. To start, there is my first post about snuffles... Genevieve has been on antibiotics for two weeks now (cultured at vet, Pastuerella and antibiotic checked to be...
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    URGENT Snuffles Question!

    Hi Guys, Me and my gf just brought home our first bunny, a female pure Flemish, on Sunday! She was born Dec 23rd, so about 4 months now. First off, we are totally in love... She is an ANGEL, has been pretty much perfect with her litter box even when free roaming, totally comfortable eating off...