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    Belly Pressing?

    Hi! My bun is eating, and drinking and pooping but I had just noticed him twice within 5 minutes sort of stretch out, and arch his back but inwards like pressing towards the ground, i’m unsure if this is belly pressing or just him stretching!?
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    Should I get him Neutered

    Hi! I have a Netherland Dwarf Male who is going onto 6 months old now, and he is honestly great. He uses the potty where he should, gets his privacy when he wants it, and comes and gives me kisses a lot. The only problem i’ve had is when I try to pick him up it’s usually a process haha, he...
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    Are these snacks actually good for buns?!

    I started giving my bun these about a month ago but had someone tell me that he shouldn’t be having them, but I cant trust the opinion of just one person. The internet gives me mixed thoughts, what do you guys think? He’s a Netherland Dwarf 5/6 months
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    Poop changes?

    Hi! I’ve had my bun for 4 months now and this is the first time there’s been a poop change so i’m quite nervous! I dug through all of his poop and the photos are my findings (I look at his poop everyday, always making sure there’s never a change since I was told it’s a big thing and so I have...