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    :group::group::group: Cinnabunny is a year old. We have decided that her birthday is thebeginning of the eyar since that is about how old the doctor thoughtshe was when we took her to the vet so very long ago. Many things have changed for her in this past year. She moved with usinto the home we...
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    PIN: In Memory...

    Thank you for the memory. I am so glad I have found love in Cinnabunny. The death of Beauty was so shocking. Thank you again for your time and energy in putting together something so touching.
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    RIP Steve Irwin

    With a three year old and three month old boyswe travel across the USA, from New York to California. We tapedCrocodile Hunter episodes because it was the one show my young sonwould watch (neither sleep in cars). After nine days of listening toSteve Irwin wrestle crocs and pet snakes I will...
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    HELP. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More prayers from the Cinnabunny family. :clover::clover::rainbow::clover::clover:
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    Look what we built Harper!!

    I used raisins on the stairs to encourage Cinnabunny to get in and out. We also started with going 'up' first.
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    Pebbles in her new cage!

    Where did you get the coroplast and how did you cut it to make the lipped edge on the bottom? Coroplast sounds like the way to go to make the bottom - I want to try it. Cinnabunny can clear a two-high NIC gate with just a little leap. She also keeps improving her jump! If you can cut the...
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    What are the differences between Holland and Mini Lops??

    pamnock wrote: Cinnabunny is about 4 pounds (maybe a little less). Seeing as she was a petstore bunny I assume that she would not have a good show type. So is her head shape 'not good show' but her color is 'good show?'
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    What are the differences between Holland and Mini Lops??

    So - is Cinnabunny an Mini Lop? And what color? She doesn't seem to have the pushed in face of the Holland Lop.
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    I have problems with my family

    Cinnabunny loves to chew that part of my house as well. I rubbed a bar of Ivory soap on the edges of the walls and molding. She took one lick and has stayed away from them ever since. I have since added Ivory soap to many wood areas to keep her from chewing them. The Ivory soap does leave a...
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    At first I thought Cinnabunny was using something in her cage to jump over the fence - items eliminated but she was still found over the fence a time or two. I finally saw her in action - she can JUMP to the top of the two high NIC panels and rest all four feet on the top for a split second...
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    Cheap lot of Apple Chew Sticks on eBay w/free shipping

    Thanks, Sis! Let me know what I owe ya!
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    Any ideas on what breed Bella is?

    She looks a lot like ElfMommy's Elf bunny which is a Palamino.
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    getting neutered and nervous owner

    If a second cage is a problem maybe you could take two trips to get them home. Another idea might be to ziptie a NIC square into the carrier?
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    Flopsy's Lakefront

    You could always start another one for Fluffy if it is too hard to come to Flopsy's. I miss reading about your bunny. I hope you find the comfort you need.:brown-bunny
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    I just got home from taking the babysitter to her home. The bunny was out in her NIC playpen the entire time we were on our date. It took me 15 minutes to drive her home and during that time she hopped the fence!!!!! :mad:I walked into my bedroom and there she was - halfway across the house from...
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    Thanks, Pipp! I am really trying.:cool:
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    CINNABUNNY She has been an excellent addition to my family. My husband and I were going to get a lizard for my seven year old son. The first lizard died after seven days. Fearful of another lizard death (I'm not really good with lizards and things like that) we decided on a bunny. My sister...
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    Are you left or right handed?

    Both. I started doing most things with my left. When I started first grade andlearning to write, there was a very old Nun teaching. She MADE me write with my right hand. I have better eye-hand coordination with my left so.... baseball -left, golf - left or right, tennis - switch hitter...
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    How Old is our bunny ppl here?

    I am 35, my two sons are 4 and 7, and Cinnabunny has the estimated birthday of January 1, 2006. It is possible it was later in January but we are using that as a easy date to remember. Our cockatiel just turned 1.
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    Cages Only 1 (now closed)

    The above cage has a plastic bottom. It is 30 inches long, 20 inches deep, and 14 inches tall. The hutch on the side is 10 inches long, 14 inches deep, and 9 inches tall. Here is the updated cage for Cinnabunny. We started with the above cage because it was bought, and used, before reading this...