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    Pet Rabbit Health Information Survey

    Volunteers are needed to fill out a Pet Rabbit Health Information Survey. Debby Widolf (former manager of Rabbits at Best Friends) and I have joined forces again in order to promote this survey, which I designed with input from veterinarians, shelter/rescue workers, and others involved in rabbit...
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    Symptoms of Gastrointestinal Disorders

    As an addition to my post (I had thought that Admin was going to post her observations on this subject, but perhaps misunderstood. Anyway, I think her observations were valuable, so will mention some of them here.) "Pipp" has noticed that rabbits with acute bloat often present in the loaf...
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    Bunny not eating cecotropes

    According to some studies, rabbits that are fed a concentrate food (pellets) may not eat as many cecotrophs, simply becuase they are receiving all the nutrition they need in the food. Rabbits often have an instinct to tell them when they need certain nutrients. It probably would not hurt to...
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    RESOLVED: Neutered male Dutch bunny - foster looking for home :)!

    Sawyer is a real charmer. The more comfortable he feels here, the more affectionate and playful he is. He likes to jump up on my couch and lick me and throws things around (like my camera when I was trying to take pictures). Maybe if I move down closer to your area you coudl stop and see him...
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    Nummy has a kidney stone and it will likely take his life.

    I have done bicillin injections for two rabbits with abscesses and had success - the abscesses cleared up and never recurred. However, it is important to follow the protocol; I gave the sub-Q injections every day for three days and then every other day for 6 weeks. If the number of sub-Q...
  6. Special Care book cover

    Special Care book cover

    Special Care book cover
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    RESOLVED: Neutered male Dutch bunny - foster looking for home :)!

    Since Sawyer's adoption story began here I thought I shoudl post a couple of pictures of him in his new home. I think for a couple of days he was rather overwhelmed by the new scents and sounds, but then he dicided that not only did he fit in but that he would take over! He tells the other...
  8. Sawyer taking a nap

    Sawyer taking a nap

    Sawyer taking a nap
  9. Sawyer in new home

    Sawyer in new home

    Sawyer in new home
  10. Sawyer relaxing a moment

    Sawyer relaxing a moment

    Sawyer relaxing a moment
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    Uneaten Cecotropes?

    Don't worry about your rabbit not consuming all the cecotrophs: according to some studies that have been done, rabbits that get complete nutrition in their diets do not consume as many of their cecotrophs. (The cecotrophs are a way to get more nutriiton from their food, and they seem to know...
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    Hay Eating

    How very like a rabbit! I liked ZRabbits idea of the paper bag - if you ever get this figured out I would love to have your permission to include this story in a future edition of one of my books.
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    No eating, pooping or peeing

    It would be a good idea to look for the aloe vera and give Evonne's mixture even though there are a few hard poops. In fact, if you cannot find the aloe vera I think it might be a good idea even to give the pineapple and olive oil without the aloe vera. Any gut slowdown is a serious condiiton...
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    No eating, pooping or peeing

    Re the ability of the rabbit digestive system to handle olive oil: unsaturated plant oils are highly digestible by rabbits. Most of the breakdown and absorption of fats occurs in the small intestine, and the presence of fat is needed for the absorption of several vitamins and for the production...
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    of fleas and tapeworms

    Dipylidium could be carried in fleas on the mice. Again, your solution probably needs to be in getting rid of the mice in a manner that is safe to your rabbit, and in keeping the environment clean. Maybe someone else will have some suggestions on rabbit-safe ways to remove fleas from the...
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    Diet for Rabbit

    There are no other vets in your area that are NOT rabbit-savvy? Sometimes a non-rabbit savvy vet willbe wiling to call a rabbit-savvy vet (even in another state) - I think there is a list of some rabbit-savvy vets willing to consult at a distance here on RO. I do wish there was some way...
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    Diet for Rabbit

    A painful abscess can often cause a rabbit to stop eating enough. Unsweetened canned pumpkin is safe for most rabbits, yes, and sometimes you can tempt a rabbit to eat by softening pellets in a little diluted juice such as apple juice. There are also special formulasto giveill rabbits that help...
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    of fleas and tapeworms

    Did the vet identify the species of tapeworm? They have different intermiediate hosts, but mites and ants are intermediate hosts of some tapeworms found in rabbits, so I suppose it is possible some kind of intermediate hostis coming in on the mice. What medication was prescribed and for how...
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    of fleas and tapeworms

    How were the tapeworms diagnosed by the vet? Only rarely are domestic rabbits primary hosts of tapeworms (worms attach to the intestinal lining in primary hosts.) Rabbits that are primary hosts might become emaciated, but again, this is very rare and it woudl be the rabbit tapeworm, not the...
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    Rebecca's eye again!

    I have a lop who just has one runny eye. Like your lop, she is also thin although she has unlimited pellets and some treats. According to some vets, lops are particularly prone to runny eyes becuase of the shape of their skulls and how it affects the eyes and nasal passages. If the x-rays...