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  1. Happy Hollands

    Bald Spot??

    One of my bunnies has developed some sort of bald spot / hair thinning on her back. Thankfully, it does not appear to be infected, and after thoroughly examining it it is not red and there is no bump, rash, etc. It is not sensitive. Am I being an overly paranoid bun mom? Or what could this be...
  2. Happy Hollands

    What are pedigrees needed for (besides breeding)?

    Recently I've had quite a few people interested in buying baby bunnies from me and requesting a pedigree. They claim it is not for breeding - The common excuse is that it is for "interest" or 4-H / show. Keep in mind that my rabbits are Vienna marked and many are Harlequin variations...
  3. Happy Hollands

    Hoppy 1 Year Anniversary To Me!

    I cannot believe it's been a whole year since I decided to join RabbitsOnline... I just wanted to quickly thank you all for your advice, input, and adorable bunny pictures! Being one of the few experienced breeders on here, hopefully I've been a help to some of you just starting out :)
  4. Happy Hollands

    Rabbit Licks: Salt or Affection??

    This seems to be a debatable question... Do rabbits "groom" humans as a loving thing, or possibly because they have a salt deficiency in their diet?
  5. Happy Hollands

    Best Etsy Rabbit Toys?

    Share your suggestions!
  6. Happy Hollands

    How to examine a rabbits' mouth?

    I like to thoroughly examine my baby bunnies before sending them to their new homes to make sure they are healthy. One thing that I have never been able to do is check inside rabbits' mouths (meaning further back, where the molars are). Is there any way to do this without the help of a vet? Any...
  7. Happy Hollands

    Anesthesia Question...

    One of my lactating does may need to get an operation done in the near future that requires anesthesia. Does this in any way put her babies at risk, considering she is nursing them and anesthesia will be in her body? If everything goes as planned, she will only be at the vet for half of a day...
  8. Happy Hollands

    Newborn Bunny Coat Color?

    What color is this baby bunny? It appears to be a chestnut with harlequin markings on the belly. Is there a such thing as a harlequinized chestnut, or what could it be? I have never seen anything like this! Background Info: - Mom is a BEW (presumably harlequin) and Dad is a Orange / Black...
  9. Happy Hollands

    No Appetite for Pellets While Pregnant?

    One of my pregnant bunnies has not been finishing her pellets this week. She's most definitely interested in eating all of her veggies and hay, though. I'm thinking maybe she's feeling full from being pregnant, as she seems perfectly fine otherwise. Still destructive as ever lol. For reference...
  10. Happy Hollands

    Help! Alternative Flooring Options??

    One of my bunnies has completely destroyed and ripped up her vinyl flooring! Her cage is resting above two other cages, so kind of like a second story. It is an odd rectangle shape, which makes it very difficult to find a good flooring solution! It is 20 ft² and homemade. The majority of my...
  11. Happy Hollands

    Gas: Causes & Treatment

    Two of my bunnies have recently been having gas issues, and I have been syringe feeding baby gas drops every now and then to help. This came about suddenly a few days ago, with no change of diet! Rest assured, they're eating and pooping fine. Their stomachs just feel a little bit hard, and I can...
  12. Happy Hollands

    How to distinguish the difference between broken colorings

    I'm looking into purchasing a cream Holland Lop, however, she is a broken pattern with no color on her belly making it hard to distinguish shading and thus determining color. She is advertised as a broken cream, but she could easily be a broken blue tort as well! Her mother was a blue tort, and...
  13. Happy Hollands

    I N S U R A N C E !

    Hello, I am currently in the process of finding a reliable company to purchase rabbit insurance from. What companies do you all recommend, use, and advise against for rabbit insurance? I'm looking for a basic plan of around $15 per month (unless it has awesome benefits for more $). My older...
  14. Happy Hollands

    Deaf Bunnies??

    I have heard that all blue-eyed white rabbits are deaf. Is this statement true or false? I do not believe this is the case, as I have tried it out with my blue-eyed whites and both of them responded to me clapping / making a loud noise even when they could not see my movement. Maybe they just...
  15. Happy Hollands

    Welcome to the Rabbitry!

    I am elated to announce our newest addition to our rabbitry... a beautiful lilac otter Holland Lop named Willow! She is proven and pedigreed, so I am hopeful she will improve our herd. She was bred a few days ago to a chocolate otter VM. It was hard to tell if she took, so as a backup, we paired...
  16. Happy Hollands

    Rabbit Water Intake

    How much water should the average bunny drink per pound per day?
  17. Happy Hollands

    The Reality of Being a Breeder

    "Being a breeder must be so fun." Fun is definitely not the word to describe the dedicated breeders. There's a lot behind raising that cute ball of fluff. Behind the fluffy rabbits is someone who puts countless hours into cleaning, advertising, taking photos, communicating with buyers...
  18. Happy Hollands

    Litter Box Training: Tips & Tricks To Be Successful!

    Litter Pan It is first very important to find a litter pan that your rabbit will be comfortable using. There are numerous different types of litter pans available which can make it overwhelming to choose, so I recommend the following ones which are tried and true: #1: IKEA Cat Litter Box - $6...
  19. Happy Hollands

    Switching to 100% Organic Pellets!

    I am thinking of switching my rabbitry to 100% organic pellets. I know this is a big shift, so I am nervous & excited to see what changes this will make in my herd! The pellet brand I'm thinking of using is Modesto Milling. A few of my breeder friends use this, and can't recommend it enough. My...
  20. Happy Hollands

    BEST Rabbit Grooming Supplies

    I just found out about this comb... and I may be obsessed! It is great for rabbits of all breeds (I've tried it on Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, and Holland Lops which all have different fur texture). HAIR BUSTER RABBIT COMB None of my bunnies squirmed when getting groomed, rather, some of...