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  1. Helen Thomas

    Bladder Stone?

    My rabbit is a 3 year old mini-lop, today I found what looks like a white stone in his litter tray, is this a bladder stone? Is this something to worry about, should I take him to the vet? He doesn't seem sick and is acting quite normally. Not sure how serious this is...help!
  2. Helen Thomas

    Recycled Paper Cat Litter & Sore Hocks

    Does anyone know if recycled paper cat litter pellets can cause sore hocks? I switched from using Carefresh to the recycled paper pellets just before Xmas and a couple of weeks later my rabbit had sore hocks. As he is a house rabbit I put this down to the carpet and put fleece blankets down...
  3. Helen Thomas

    How much pellets should my rabbit be getting?

    I have a 3 1/2 year old mini lop (Ramsey). I feed him the standard mixture of hay, leafy greens & pellets, however I am confused by the amount of pellets I should be giving him. Currently he is being fed Burgess Excel Nature's Blend pellets, the back of the packet recommends feeding a 2-2.3 kg...
  4. Helen Thomas

    Sore Hocks...HELP!

    My 3 year old mini-lop (Ramsey) has red sore hocks, they don't look infected but just very angry. We took him to the vet about 2 weeks ago and she prescribed some antibiotics as a precaution in case of infection. but that was it. From looking at forums we have tried Sudacreme & Calendula lotion...