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  1. OreoTheMiniLop

    How do bunnies get mites?

    Oreo has what I *think* is mites. (scabs on her ear, patches of lost fur, excessive grooming) So I was wondering how do bunnies get mites?
  2. OreoTheMiniLop

    In need of a great podcast?

    If you need a good podcast to listen to check out the new podcast, Jem's Coffee Shop. "Welcome to Jem's Coffee Shop! Feel free to take a seat and sip on your favourite beverage while I talk about anything and everything every Tuesday!" -Jem...
  3. OreoTheMiniLop

    What do you think of my background?

    What do you guys think of my Google background on my Chromebook?
  4. OreoTheMiniLop

    Post Spay Care

    I've done loads and loads of research on posy spay care but I just want to know how people took are of there bunnies post spay/neuter. Oreo is getting spayed August 5.
  5. OreoTheMiniLop

    How to Clean a Soiled Bum Without Pet Wipes

    Oreo dug in her litter box and got pee all over her bum and paws. Its all dried on her fur. How to I clean her bum and paws without pet wipes?
  6. OreoTheMiniLop

    Rabbit Has A Trauma/Trigger Point On Her Paw

    Oreo has a trigger point on her paw after it being steped on when she was a small kit. I can't touch her paw to trim it as she runs and hides, attacks, or heads to her litter box so we think she is using it. Her nails really need trimmed on that paw so how can I trim them? Thanks in advance.
  7. OreoTheMiniLop

    Crazy Thing Happened To Me While At A Summer Camp

    People That Don't Like Cockroaches Beware! While at summer camp I decided to visit the nature room. They have lots of reptiles, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, a lion head rabbit (I feel so bad for the bunny because it lives right outside of the nature room on a wire bottomed cage in 95 degree...
  8. OreoTheMiniLop

    Scab On My Bunny's Neck

    I just randomly noticed that Oreo has a random scab on her. She is showing no signs of pain and is not scratching it. Should I be worried? I have no clue what could have caused this scab. @JBun
  9. OreoTheMiniLop

    How To Get Stuck On Pee Off A Litter Box

    I went to clean Oreo's litter box and noticed that there is stuck on pee in her litter box. Does anybody know how to get if off? Thanks!
  10. OreoTheMiniLop

    Oreo's New YouTube Channel

    Today I uploaded Oreo's first YouTube video on her channel (it isn't too good). I hope you check it out!
  11. OreoTheMiniLop

    Cute Bunny Memes! Get Your Dailey Dose Of Cutness Here!

    I thought we could share cute bunny memes we have found!
  12. OreoTheMiniLop

    Ki & Hyena

    (This is for @CutieKi while we try to find out his password.) Ki is 10 weeks old. He is an albino (?) baby californian mix.I'm Hyena, Ki's dad. Ki lives in my room but is currently in his outdoor play house.
  13. OreoTheMiniLop

    Books, Books, Books, and MORE Books (A Getting To Know Book Lovers Game)

    So I was thinking that us book lovers should get to know each other more. I thought we could do something to get to know the other book worms on the forum. So basically you would type- Your Name 1 Fun Fact About You Your Bun's Name & Breed Your Favorite Genre Of Book Your Favorite Author And 1...
  14. OreoTheMiniLop

    Favorite Camera under $300

    I was wondering if anybody knows any high quality cameras under $300. I would like to get a camera so I can start a youtube channel for Oreo! Thanks in advance!
  15. OreoTheMiniLop

    Bunny Photos-- Share Cute Bunny Photos

    This thread is a thread for you to share your bunny(ies) pictures with or without captions.
  16. OreoTheMiniLop

    How do you celebrate Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/The Holiday Season

    So, I'm always interested in learning about what different people/culctures do for the holiday(s) they celebrate. If you don't celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Christmas do you still do anything special over the holiday season. (why am I asking this like six months before December??) I...
  17. OreoTheMiniLop

    Is this good for a bunny set up?

    I was wondering if what I have chose for a new set up was good. It may take a while to upgrade to it but I really want to do that! Pen- Frisco Wire Dog Exercise Pen with Step-Through Door, Black, 36-in - Chewy.com Litter Box- Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan, Large White - Chewy.com (is covered...
  18. OreoTheMiniLop


    I just found this RENT-A-BUNNY ad and was wondering if anybody help me find a kind way to approch this person. I want to be able to say these things: The cage is way to small for the rabbit. The switching from house to house is way to stressful for the rabbit. If there was an emergancy the...
  19. OreoTheMiniLop

    Arrow & Oreo--- A Blog

    Okay so I know I started a blog yesterday but it was just confusing and unorganized. That is why I am starting this new blog.
  20. OreoTheMiniLop

    Favorite Activity To Do With Your Bun

    So I was curious what the bunny community does with their buns. My bun Oreo get cuddled and pet but that pretty much all we do together. We also do tricks and go outside together. So my point is what do you guys do with your buns. I really want to do more with her.