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    1 eye shutting after surgery

    Hello. Today i had my 2 lovely girls spayed. To be exactly I picked them up 7 hours ago. 1 girl is eating some greens on her own (celery and dandelion) and also more or less willingly takes the critical care (Sometimes from spoon sometimes she licks it off the syringe but not forced in the...
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    Too many cecotropes

    My little girl, Luna, a holland lop, has always left out her cecotropes. We've had her since she was 9 weeks and she's 13 weeks now. Very happy and generally healthy rabbit. She was taken care of by family for 2 weeks where she was allowed to eat as much of her food mix as she liked (And she...
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    Adopted rabbit not eating

    My parents adopted a rabbit today that I'm gonna help take care of (As I also have rabbits). None of us have ever adopted a rabbit that is not a baby so we're kinda unsure of the process. He is 1 year old and a teddy. We had to drive 2 hours to pick him up. He didn't eat, pee or poo for the 2...
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    Bathing ill rabbit - How often?

    Hello. I made a forum post concerning my rabbit with diarrhea. His poop is finally nice and round but super sticky. He gets metacam twice a day, fiber paste 3 times a day and has had critical care 6 times a day. He is finally starting to eat small amounts of hay today which is day 4 of him being...
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    Rabbit diarrhea

    Hello, Tuesday, nearly a week ago, I had my freeroam rabbit neutered. Last night, saturday, he stopped eating so i fed him some banana which was the only thing he'd eat. Then this morning i took him to the vet, as he suddenly got terrible diarrhea in the middle of the night. They handed me some...