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  1. Cloe-trash

    Briar losing weight-vet says possible Coccidia? I'm worried about my girl

    So I took Briar into the vet because I noticed one day that she had gotten thin very quickly, despite having a great appetite and no issues going to the bathroom. After an exam he said she looked fine on every other count. Her teeth and coat looked fine, she ate for him when he put down some...
  2. Cloe-trash

    Rabbit litter advice/covered litter pan

    So I'm going to be making Briar a litter pan screen so that I can use proper litter. I had switched to just layering hay because she had previously dug out anything I used. Now I've got a plan to make the screen out of pet screen like I'd seen in a thread on here, but the way I'm going to do...
  3. Cloe-trash

    Shaking her pen in the middle of the night

    So Briar sleeps in an xpen and when I am awake and not at work she gets free-roam of my bedroom. (Though I would love to rabbit-proof my room enough that I would feel comfortable leaving her be) In the pen she has her litterbox, a cardboard box with paper bedding that she can chew and burrow...
  4. Cloe-trash

    Do rabbits *need* other rabbits to be happy?

    So I accidentally posted an album of Briar pics to Imgur on public when I'd meant to make it private. Got lots of really nice comments, but one person chastised me for not having a second rabbit for her to be with, telling me that rabbits are not happy unless they have another rabbit friend...
  5. Cloe-trash

    Small, dark coloured poop

    So while Briar was freeroaming today, I noticed that her poop was small and darker than usual. Google says this can be GI stasis or a sign of not enough fiber/hay. I went away for the weekend and I think my mom may not have given her hay while I was gone and I was wondering if that could be...
  6. Cloe-trash

    Lionhead/rex huge hairball

    Hey so I pulled a huge hairball out of Briar's mouth today after noticing some sticking out. I hadn't noticed anything off with him before I went to work so I guess he just had a big shed. I got a *lot* of fur out so I don't think he managed to swallow much but I'm still worried it will cause...
  7. Cloe-trash

    Cannot get him to stop digging in his litterbox

    So I recently got an xpen for Briar so that he would have some room to hop around and stretch out when I can't be home to let him out, but for some reason even though he has room and toys he will not stop digging in his litter box. He even still uses it fine and hasn't had a single accident, but...
  8. Cloe-trash

    Furless spot on bunnies neck?

    Hey everyone, so I'm a little worried about Briar. He was sitting on the bed and I noticed that when he stretches his head out there's a patch on the back of his neck where there's no fur. The skin is soft and he doesn't have any fleas/mites or anything. I wasn't sure if it's something I...
  9. Cloe-trash

    Just Joined!

    Hi everyone! My name is Cloe and I just joined the forum. I've had my bunny Briar for about 7 months now I can't be 100% sure because I bought him from a store but they guess he is a rex/lionhead mix and he is my precious son I love him so much. He's about 11 months old now. He is super...