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  1. PepnFluff

    Chronic Fatigue?

    Thanks guys, yeah i'd like to switch Drs but in reality I can't :( I'm enrolled in the Uni Health centre, where you get assigned you whoever DR is working. And it would seem they're all in the same thinking that the only thing that will fix it is time. If I were to switch I couldn't receive Drs...
  2. PepnFluff

    Chronic Fatigue?

    Hey all, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue today which was triggered from a parasite I picked up traveling last year :X Anyway he said theres nothing at all I can do but from a bit of googling it would appear there are options, but they vary greatly. I was wondering if anyone suffered from it...
  3. PepnFluff

    Quality of Life......

    Option 1 is ideally what I'd like, I need to talk to my flatmates about him possibly living inside during winter...If he wasn't allowed to and had to stay outside then I just wouldn't risk him coming as i'd be scared he'd freeze with the peeing and it making him cold with snow around. He lives...
  4. PepnFluff

    Quality of Life......

    So I'm faced with a tough decision, I'm off to uni in Feb, so have 3 options regarding my dear wee Fluffbum. Who is nearly 10, (in March) I'm watching him hopping round the deck and it's quite obvious to me he has arthritis just by his hop. He's quite blind too, and has constant hock sores that...
  5. PepnFluff

    What do you do for a living?

    I currently get paid to play with under 4's! I assist in classes like baby gym and tumble tots, which works on a childs development and coordination. Next year I'm heading to university to study geology or geography, not sure yet!
  6. PepnFluff

    what do you do when you get really bored?

    The makeup is what I used to do, one day I covered my whole entire face in heavy bronzer. Then the Mormans knocked on my door...I think I scared some of them haha. Now I just tend to make crazily elaborate meals, even if it's only me for dinner I'll end up eating something crazy haha.
  7. PepnFluff

    Happy to be back

    Welcome back! I've just started hanging round here more often again, It seems you can never stay away from RO!
  8. PepnFluff

    Can girls be just friends with guys?

    SnowyShiloh wrote: I know right! Some of my friends honestly have no good guy friends and I yeah sure with some of my girl friends I can go and blob looking like poo, but with so many who are quite superficial you really can't. But with my guy friends I can just be chill and not have the...
  9. PepnFluff

    Can girls be just friends with guys?

    Thanks for all the talk guys, and I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only one out there with close guy friends! Yeah we're more like brother and sister and there well and truely is no feelings there from either side! I do think that friendships like that especially when one is in a...
  10. PepnFluff

    Can girls be just friends with guys?

    Ok so a bit of a background to me asking, I'm staying in my town for a year to work before travelling whilst everyone else is at uni etc. And I have 3 friends left here with me, two whom are guys. One of whom is one of my best friends, we hang out, go to the movies, talk etc just how anyone is...
  11. PepnFluff


    Phoar that looks very mathematical, I think I'll write it down and pop down to the beach tomorrow and give it a whirl! Thanks again :)
  12. PepnFluff


    Ahh, ok, thank you very much for that! Is there any formula or secret to balancing it? I was getting so frustrated, thanks for helping!
  13. PepnFluff


    So I went to the beach today as it was a lovely day with the intentions of snapping some pictures. I wanted a long exposure on the waves coming in so set a low shutter speed think it was around 2 seconds long and had an aperture of f5 and all I was getting was bright white shots? I had a look on...
  14. PepnFluff

    Progress on my latest stained glass project

    Wow, good job! You must be talented to do all that!
  15. PepnFluff

    The Royal Wedding

    I tuned in to the whole thing, my friends and I had a english feast whilst watching knocking back the bubbles haha. Her dress was so expensive because all of the components were made in england. The lace was hand sewn by a huge team who washed there hands every 30 minutes to keep it clean...
  16. PepnFluff

    Family on Facebook

    I'm friends with some of my cousins, and Uncles and Aunts except aunts and uncles are heavily, heavily restricted on what they can see of mine, pictures etc are no go's! I don't get up to any dodge things but the thought of sitting over family dinner and my Aunt bringing up the fact she saw me...
  17. PepnFluff

    Canon EOS SLR lens with DSLR

    Thanks very much everyone, I think I still might buy them, even just to have a play around with as it seems a very good deal. Ahhhh thank you for explaining that Mike, I'm now having a look round Kens website and it seems like a great resource! Thanks again, it's great having camera pros...
  18. PepnFluff

    Any Chch people on here?

    Hows everyone in CHCH going? My brothers gf is a nurse at public and apparently it's still hectic there, she's got a patient who's lost both his legs from being crushed in the rubble :( It's all so sad! Anaira, I'm pulling the geo nerd thing right now but basically the whole of NZ, well...
  19. PepnFluff

    Canon EOS SLR lens with DSLR

    So I've just purchased my first DLSR :biggrin: a Canon EOS 1000d, I'm getting the 18-55mm lens with it but was having a look on the net and apparently you can use any of the lens that fit the SLR EOS with EF (what does that mean?) and they're compatible with the DSLR EOS? I've found what...
  20. PepnFluff

    Gingerbread House Extravaganza

    Heck Minda! That looks amazing!