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  1. HolyHandGrenade

    Support thread for those diagnosed as depressed

    That's it. I've gotta do it. I need to talk to other people who have been diagnosed and are being medicated for depression (or who have been in the past). Why? Because this bunnypoop is killing me. I'd talk to my friends about it, but non-sufferers cannot even begin to understand how this feels...
  2. HolyHandGrenade

    Show me on dis chart where your hooman snuggled you

    My mommy snuggles her nose my "Meh" and "Caution" zones, and likes to pet my "I KILL YOU" when I'm laying down. She says I'm so soft and fluffy that she can't help it. What does this mean?! Is this a no-no? I'm so confuzzled!
  3. HolyHandGrenade

    Good soft/hard carrier for a Flemish Giant

    I'm looking to buy a carrier for Monty that will last all the way to her adult size, and right now at 5 months of age she's already cramped in a regular cat-sized pet taxi. I'm making this thread for two reasons: A: I'd like to know what other large breed owners use for general travel (to...
  4. HolyHandGrenade

    Monty, my [big] baby bunny 2012

    So I don't bore my Facebook friends with all of my ramblings about my new baby, I think I'll follow your examples and start a blog here to share! If you haven't seen my intro thread, it's here: http://rabbitsonline.net/view_topic.php?id=74226&forum_id=26 A little excerpt summing up her...