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  1. sugarbunnies

    Bunny In Pickering ON (NOT MINE)

    What a cutie! I wish I could take!
  2. sugarbunnies

    thought it was PETA Hype...perhaps not...

    Babies being sold that are not ready are a big problem in the Fashion district where I live. They are sold by street vendors (so young that they always almost nearly die). It's a really big problem here. Mischa was one of the babies I rescued. These people were selling them at 2 weeks old.
  3. sugarbunnies

    Update date on neutered + unspayed rabbit bonding!

    What kind of breeds are they?
  4. sugarbunnies

    What brand of pellet do you feed your bun?

    I formerly used Oxbow, but like many others said, it is WAY too expensive. I transitioned my buns to Sherwood. Now, every time I wake up (I feed them after I wake up, bad habit they are in now), they literally start trying to make me trip the way they circle around me trying to get fed. When I...
  5. sugarbunnies

    Still so anxious

    If they are not jumpers (they will probably be too terrified to jump, anyways), then you can use a cardboard box. I used a cardboard box to transport Nikolai for his bunny date with Mischa. I know it's not the safest thing, but that is an alternative. (With the top open, of course).
  6. sugarbunnies

    Gallon water bowl? Does anyone use one?

    Oh yeah I love mine. I'm glad I made the switch from a regular bowl. A regular bowl I had to refill too many times with two bunnies. And that way they don't run out while I'm sleeping.
  7. sugarbunnies

    Cinnabuns New Cage

    Where did you buy this cage and where could I get one like it?
  8. sugarbunnies

    Rescue Reputation

    I would be extremely wary. While not all reviews are right, to have a ton of reviews saying the SAME thing, is telling. Unfortunately, without going there yourself, you can't help report them, because you can't report something you haven't seen. If you'd still like to go to see if you can help...
  9. sugarbunnies

    Hay Question

    My buns seem to be picky when it comes to hay. They will devour timothy hay, but will barely touch orchard grass (which is what I am stuck with now). I have not tried meadow or anything else like that (don't think my feed store carries meadow hay). The prices I have to pay are kind of obscene...
  10. sugarbunnies

    Mischa is looking for a new home.

    Yeah because being woken up by a rabbit digging their claws into your face is not pleasant ... at all! lol
  11. sugarbunnies

    Mischa is looking for a new home.

    As for JB's question -- I have the pen that Imbrium most commonly links (I think it's you), in the first size they have. So that's how high she jumps, to be precise.
  12. sugarbunnies

    Mischa is looking for a new home.

    AlthougH I hate it she is an amazing jumper. If I knew how to agility train her, I bet she'd be great.
  13. sugarbunnies

    Mischa is looking for a new home.

    I've seen her jump clean over it onto the bed when she runs. It's like she stampedes towards it. lol
  14. sugarbunnies

    Mischa is looking for a new home.

    She is doing less troublemaking so we're okay. The problem now is that she has been jumping on my face-- LITERALLY jumping on my face -- while I am sleeping. I have not had a decent night's sleep for the past few weeks. I might have to start caging her at night (she can jump over the pen)....
  15. sugarbunnies

    Harness Training Tips?

    Do rabbits like to go outside on a harness? Is it safe for them to walk around? I am picturing people walking a rabbit on the sidewalk, lol...
  16. sugarbunnies

    List your pets!

    Let me start off with my BIG BOY! Our English Mastiff (he's an old man now, 9 years old, but at his peak he weighed 200lb): Our devil dog Chihuahua (still love him to pieces, but he's getting increasingly ornery in his old age, lol) . . My mom's yorkie: Mischa (pronounced...
  17. sugarbunnies

    Vegan Questions

    Yeah, lol, my best friend is a vegetarian (so is her girlfriend), and I eat big ol' burgers right next to her. At first I felt a little self conscious about her watching me devour meat, but she is totally cool with it.
  18. sugarbunnies

    red urine in a male bunny

    He shouldn't be getting carrots daily. That is too much sugar. Limit treats.
  19. sugarbunnies

    Poop strung together?

    Ok so I looked in the litter box, and I don't know if it was the flashlight on my phone (have dim lighting in my room), but the poops looked very shiny and umm, "sticky", lol. They were in an ordinary position though. The only strung poops I see are OUTSIDE the litter box. Are these cecals? I...