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  1. LolatheGreat

    Bunny is drooling and half his face is soaked!

    How's your bunny doing? My bunny is having the same problem:cry1:
  2. LolatheGreat

    Need a Dental Second Opinion

    I've read all I could on rabbit teeth problems and seem to only come across front teeth growing too long. His apparently are growing too long in the back. He was doing ok, eating because I cut the food up really well but today I came home and his eyes are really tearing on one side and he hasn't...
  3. LolatheGreat

    Need a Dental Second Opinion

    I appreciate you getting back to me. That fact that this could be common makes me feel a bit common. I cut up his food and he seems to be eating better. I'm going in today to see what the vet says. Thank you again!
  4. LolatheGreat

    Need a Dental Second Opinion

    Hi! My bunny and I live in an area in China where there aren't any vets that are rabbit-savvy. I just met one vet that is more open to helping my buns Lola. She took X Rays of his head today as his eyes were watering and his nose a bit wet. He hasn't been eating as much or pooping as much lately...