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  1. 3bunmom

    Hoppy #throwbackthursday

    Always treasure youthful mischievousness
  2. 3bunmom

    Hoppy #whiskerswednesday

    Enjoy the day; don't shave
  3. 3bunmom

    Do you have a pet rabbit?

    Love that Flemish!
  4. 3bunmom

    Happy, LAZY, #tailouttuesday

    Bronson is totally out of it
  5. 3bunmom

    Bonded Rabbits Fighting

    And never mounted because that's how she behaved with him.
  6. 3bunmom

    Bonded Rabbits Fighting

    Holland lops are the "testosterone kings" of the rabbit world. Yours seems to forgotten he's neutered! I once had an active male with 3 spayed does. One of the does he really respect Ted as his friend
  7. 3bunmom

    Do you have a pet rabbit?

    I am really 4bunmom now: we have a bonded Flemish Giant and California mini of nearly 5 years and a bonded minilop and satin Dutch mix of 1.5 yeard
  8. 3bunmom


    I think many rabbits understand that humans communicate by sound and so each one finds its signature way of vocalizing to show its pleasure in its relationship with you.
  9. 3bunmom

    Poopy butt and I don't want to hurt him, but he'll need daily baths and....Help?

    I totally concur that the first order of business is to resolve the poop butt issue. Soft poop which is not cecotrope indicates the gut is moving more slowly than it should,and first efforts should be made with diet. Hair built up in the cecum can also cause this: I was totally surprised when...
  10. 3bunmom

    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    Steff164, I love your harlequin! Here's another of my Flemish boy
  11. 3bunmom

    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    Very nice Lionheads! But are you going to neuter Oscar so you won't have more?
  12. 3bunmom

    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    Oh my goodness! 🐇🐇💟 So many darling and beautiful bunnies who obviously have so much personality. So sorry to hear Gizmo went OTRB. So glad to see Flopsey still so healthy. Is she lonely or were you able to bond her with a younger companion?
  13. 3bunmom

    BSAVA Books on Rabbit Medicine & Surgery?

    I think it's fantastic but then I am in USA
  14. 3bunmom

    So much windy, rainy weather that can threaten us all.

    I hope tonight you and your buns can comfort each other and sleep well.
  15. 3bunmom

    Merry Christmas- BEWARE THE BUNNY BRIGADE!

    My sweetheart did this by lifting actual photos out and creating background in Corey Paint. It totally amazes me he can do that! Thanks for your appreciation. It is a lot of fun dressing them up. Here's Pneuma, my middle rescue mix. She is enjoying presents
  16. 3bunmom

    Merry Christmas- BEWARE THE BUNNY BRIGADE!

    Bronson, Pneuma and Harey Potter were busy last night.
  17. 3bunmom

    My rabbit is being an ***hole.

    Hi OscartheBunny! I addressed Bennys issues with being petted in my earlier post. flemishwhite is right that bunnies love to be bonded once they are neutered or spayed. Two neutered males are actually the easiest to bond. As to neutering Thumper, that can be done as soon as his balls drop...
  18. 3bunmom

    My rabbit is being an ***hole.

    Bunnies are hardwired for petting behavior because they are hardwired for expressing dominance and subordination in grooming and interpret petting through the lens of grooming. You need to pretend to be a subordinate rabbit, placing your hand palm downward some inches before his nose. If he...
  19. 3bunmom

    My New Bunny, Happy!

    Quick rule for sexing kits: does have tacos, bucks have donut holes.
  20. 3bunmom

    Doe making nest at 21 days

    We had a doe drop 5 days early; she didn't want to nurse them but they all survived and caught up developmentally with a wonderful foster doe.