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    Will my rabbit start hating me if I try to cut his nails?

    Our rabbits have never had a problem with it. They get scared when the nail clipping happens, but after we’re done they’re right back to hopping on our laps and begging for pets as if nothing happened. Ours are 5 months and we started clipping their nails at 3 months. It’s not a pleasant...
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    Mixed Breed Bunnies

    These are Pokey (brown one) and GusGus (white and grey). They are mixed breed giant rabbits, part continental giant and part checkered giant. I think they’re mostly conti, but GusGus has the marking pattern of a checkered giant.
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    My baby bunny passed

    This did not happen just recently, but I just made this account and it’s still fresh in my mind. A few months ago, we lost our 3 month old rabbit Bumblez. We didn’t notice anything off about him until it was too late. He had gotten a bloated belly one day, and we were giving him gas drops and...
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    My bunnies keep eating newspaper and cardboard

    Hello, sorry if I do anything incorrectly here but I have never used a forum before. I just wanted some advice since I am completely strapped for cash for the next couple weeks and want to avoid any unnecessary vet visits if this isn’t super urgent. (I tend to get over-worried and bring my...
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