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  1. Niomi

    sebaceous adenitis

    My 5 year old mini rex has been having some skin issues for a couple of months. I ended up taking her to a vet dermatologist, and the vet thinks it is sebaceous adenitis. I have to add safflower oil to her food and take her back to the vet in 6 weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any experience...
  2. Niomi

    Rabbit personalities

    Nine years ago I adopted a rescue, and I still have the paperwork on how they determined his personality. I thought I would share an abridged list of the things they looked at. This was done with the help of a computer program. Is he good with children under 8? How much bunny-proofing does he...
  3. Niomi

    Hay and Dental Health

    I found this article that I think is very good on hay and dental health: https://mohrs.org/hay-dental-health/
  4. Niomi

    litter box digging

    My 9 year old rabbit has gotten into the habit of digging in his litter. He is having a problem of a watery eye. I am sure it is from his digging. I took him to the vet and she could find nothing wrong. She flushed out his eye and the problem went away, but it keeps happening. I think he gets...
  5. Niomi

    Socializing my shy rescues

    :D I found help socializing my undersocialized foster rabbits that were socialized to just one person. I called a local university that trains vet techs. They took in one of my fosters and assigned two students to socializehim to people. They will also use him in the classroom to practice exams...
  6. Niomi

    rehoming fee

    I ended up doing a rescue, and now have now have seven rabbits up for adoption. I was wondering how much I should ask for a rehoming fee? I have 5 six pound satin cross rabbits, and a three pound dutch, and a three pound mini rex cross. The satins are about four years old and the small rabbits...
  7. Niomi

    Leash training

    How can I train my rabbit to walk on a leash? I have gotten him used to wearing it, but can't get him to walk with me.