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  1. Sabine

    Where are the babies?

    One of my mature Netherland Dwarf does was due to have her litter yesterday. She felt quite heavily pregnant and I was sure I could clearly feel babies in her tummy. I put her into a new hutch a few days before her due date and she spent two or three days just digging the bedding all over the...
  2. Sabine

    Baby bunnies dying at 1 week old

    I am posting this on behalf of a breeder friend of mine who breeds Netherland Dwarfs like me. He recently lost a baby that was just over 1 week old for no reason he could see (no peanut or max factor etc) and yesterday he spotted that one of the babies in a recent litter of two was wet around...
  3. Sabine

    Puzzled by colour of offspring

    I have been breeding with Siamese sable/smoke lines for a few years and recently introduced a Himalayan buck to the equation. The sable/smoke lines are from show breeding stock and always produced consistent result as regards colour. Unfortunately I don't know an awful lot a bout the pedigree of...
  4. Sabine

    Babies overgrooming each other

    I have a litter of three Netherland Dwarfs that are about 6 weeks now. Yesterday I suddenly noticed that one of the little girls had a slight bald spot on her head. I checked her and could not find any other problems with her fur but when I put her back I noticed that one of the otehr babies was...
  5. Sabine

    Asha gasping for air after vet visit

    My almost five year old Netherland dwarf girl Asha has been treated for headtilt for the last 5 weeks. She has had a 2 week course of baytril and is still receiving long acting penicillin injections. She is also on her last week of Lapizole (Panacur/fenbendazole). I have another thread about her...
  6. Sabine

    Wild rabbit attacks

    We have been having wild rabbits in our garden for the last few months. Initially I thought it was cute but was a bit worried about them carrying diseases to our domestic rabbits. Since one of our bucks got badly bitten in the nose and needed to be stitched up by the vet I don't find them as...
  7. Sabine

    Front Teeth Extraction

    One of my rabbits (Sminky) knocked his front teeth askew when he was hopping around the sofa (He misjudged and feel off the back) His teeth started overgrowing after that and at the moment we are clipping them in the hope they may rectify themselves. He has had them clipped twice so far and I...
  8. Sabine

    pineapple juice

    How much pineapple juice would be recommended to be mixed into water for a slightly dehydrated rabbit? Should I have used it anyhow? I can't even remember where I read the recommendation.
  9. Sabine

    Feeding Head Tilt Bunny

    My almost 5 year old Netherland Dwarf girl Asha has suddenly come down with severe head tilt two days ago. She has been getting regular injections since but the tilt really hasn't improved. I am really worried about her ability to eat and drink so I have started syringe feeding her food an...
  10. Sabine

    Colour points in himi babies?

    I had two litters of three Netherland dwarf babies born on Good Friday. It is the first time I bred a Himalayan dwarf to my two smoke does. As my smokes carry the REW gene I have 5 "pinkies" and one light smoke. I am really hoping that some of the white ones will turn out to be Himalayans. My...
  11. Sabine

    Very odd baby bun (Netherland dwarf)

    I have a very strange little bun in my most recent litter. I am not sure if he is simply a runt or an "able" Max factor. He is seven weeks now and from the start always developed slower than his sister. His fur feels totally different. It feels very fine and very fluffy, almost like cotton wool...
  12. Sabine

    I lost my first pet rabbit

    Today I found Benny dead in his hutch. He died suddenly without a warning and I have no idea what happened. I have had him for over three years and he was bonded to Raylann who is now all by herself. All my pet rabbits are between 3 and 4 and I somehow thought they were invincible. I am totally...
  13. Sabine

    My Netherland Dwarf Bucks

    At long last I managed to photograph my 3 remaining bucks. This is as good as it gets as regards posing since I have neglected to practise. Would appreciate any comments or critique:) Rolo 15 months Snickers 9 months Jai 7 months
  14. Sabine

    Biggest litter ever!

    I have just realized I have not come on here for ages and whenever I do I post about something sad that has happened:( So I thought I'd share something joyful. About three weeks ago my doe Cloud had a litter of five healthy babies: 1largish one, 3 decent ones and one fabulous one:)...
  15. Sabine

    3 Max Factors in one litter?

    A friend of mine recently had to have 3 baby bunnies put to sleep as all three of them showed extreme deformities. All their hind legs were twisted inwards an one of them had flipper like outward twisted front legs. She only noticed that something was wrong with them at around 2 weeks when they...
  16. Sabine


    I posted a while ago about the problems I had with my rabbit Polly who developed an ulcer in one eye following her myxomatosis vaccination and an ulcer in the other eye a few weeks later. She has been back and forth to the vet's several times and we even saw the eye specialist. None of them can...
  17. Sabine

    Eye problems

    My 1.5 year old REW Netherland Dwarf doe had to see the vet about a months ago about a problem with her eye. It appeared redder than normal and there was a bit of discharge which got encrusted around the eye. In fact, that was how I noticed it the first time as with her being REW the...
  18. Sabine

    Side effects of wrongly administered myxo jab?

    I just received a phone call from someone I sold two rabbits to about 2 weeks ago. He had them vaccinated against myxomatosis last Friday and they have been taken ill since they got home, not eating and at this stage they are very subdued. I asked the owner how the vaccination was done and he...
  19. Sabine

    Garlic as a preventative for coccidiosis in the rabbitry?

    I have been having problems with coccidiosis in my rabbitry recently and I am exploring options of treatments and future prevention. I'd rather not go down the road of medicated feed but have read up a lot on garlic as a preventative. I am just wondering if anyone has used it. How to administer...
  20. Sabine

    Death of Baby

    A few days ago one of my almost 4 week old baby bunnies died. She was the only one in the litter that survived. Her two sibling and her were born outside the nest and by the time we got home only one was alive and we put her into the nest. Since then her mom looked after her really well and...