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  1. Alfihaer

    Aggressive Behaviour

    Recently found out that Kupo my young rabbit is female and has been steadily showing aggressive displays with cleaning litter boxes to even trying to put her away after having a few hours outside of her pen. With growls and full claws ive had my hand bleed from a good solid kick from her a few...
  2. Alfihaer

    Building my rabbit a indoor hutch

    Between my family and i decided to make a roof to floor hutch ( good 6ft high and 2 by 3ft base ) and im wondering on any suggestions to prevent my rabbit from chewing on the wood from inside the hutch once we build it and implement it within my room, and any suggestions to put in the hutch...
  3. Alfihaer

    Any suggestions on LionHead lop mini care

    I currently have a young lion head mini lop, i took him October 15, 2018 at 8 weeks old and im still learning ropes of this breeds care as previous a week before hand my original old guy passed away and was a hotot drawf, named cloud whom we adopted off the streets at least 2 years old and...