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  1. candykittten

    Rehoming 5lb Neutered Male

    Hello, I am looking for an excellent home for my neutered male rabbit Anthony. He is a New Zealand mix about 5lbs and I am located in Ontario Canada. I would prefer he go to a home with other rabbits he could live with. Please PM me if you would like more information
  2. candykittten

    How to stop Anthony eating his hutch

    Anthony will not stop chewing on his wooden hutch.. despite having 7 toys.. 4 of which are wooden. He is starting to do major damage. He does get out time. about 2hrs a day. How can I stop him eating his cage?
  3. candykittten

    NEW!!! New Rabbit Behaviour Book - Available Now!

    I love this book! The drawings are fantastic; there's something to learn for everyone. I've been showing it to my family so that they understand Anthony better :P It's great for beginners and experienced caregivers. My only wish was that it was longer!
  4. candykittten

    Terrific Tans: A place to show off the tan breed!

    Super cute! Love the pictures
  5. candykittten

    Sweat-leaf Anthony

    Fonzy sadly passed away on the 16th :'(
  6. candykittten

    Sweat-leaf Anthony

    There has been a New Addition to the family. Fonzy is a 8 month old Silver Marten mix. She's been here for about a month and is really starting to feel at home. And the attitude.. wow. Her spay is scheduled for the 25th of Sept:biggrin: Anthony is shedding like a madman.. but his new coat is...
  7. candykittten

    What Breed/Colour is Fonzy

    Do you think she might have Belgian Hare in her? She has a very thin head, which is something I've never seen in a rabbit before. Also she is only 7months. She should still be growing right? Anyway she's been binkying all over the place c: and I caught one on camera...
  8. candykittten

    What Breed/Colour is Fonzy

    Everyone meet Fonzy, our new addition. I was told she is 7 months old and she weighs a little over 4lbs. Any ideas on what breed or mix of breeds she might be? Also if you know what her colouring is known as the information would be appreciated! Thanks
  9. candykittten

    Dollar Store Ideas?

    buy some apple juice to soak your wood toys in
  10. candykittten

    Sweat-leaf Anthony

    Anthony enjoying his custom tailored harness Anthony enjoying his wheat grass We just got back from our annual visit to my family cottage on the Ottawa River. It was Anthony's first visit and he had a great time! I had his playpen on the beach(in the shade) and he would digg in...
  11. candykittten

    Bad relationship w/ my rabbit

    The best way to make friends with a rabbit is to hand feed a food they really enjoy
  12. candykittten

    The Tobester

    Toby is so cute :) What are you doing after your bachelors degree
  13. candykittten

    my baby turtles shell is soft

    patches2593 wrote: There are two types of bulb sold for reptiles. UVA bulbs which are usually incandescent and UVB/UVA bulbs which are usually fluorescent. The incandescent UVA bulbs are used to provide heat to an environment.. or a basking spot. You should have a hot basking area for your...
  14. candykittten

    My Tans!

    Such cute bunnies
  15. candykittten

    my baby turtles shell is soft

    you need to get him on calcium blocks for turtles (a bird cuttle bone will work), as well as feed him crickets dusted in calcium. You also NEED to get him a UVB ray light. They can't metabolize calcium without UVB. A soft shell is not a good thing at all
  16. candykittten

    Anyone seen this?

    I feel so sorry for those poor three buns :(
  17. candykittten

    Sweat-leaf Anthony

    We have both been dealing with the heat well. I worry about him on the really hot days when I have to be at work but the fan and water bottle I have seem to keep him cool enough. Luckily, my workplace has air-conditioning! So I get some relief. And Anthony is now over 3 years old...
  18. candykittten

    Shya-she does what she wants

    Kai is soo big now!
  19. candykittten

    What do you use for bedding in your cage?

    Anthony has carpet down in his hutch and compressed wood pellets in his litterboxes
  20. candykittten

    Advice regarding rabbit bonding/pairing please!

    I also found it took about 2 months for my males hormones to calm down after his neuter. Use the opportunity to work on your bond with each of them.. it will be easier while they are separate
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