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  1. farmerchick

    Spirits and Ghosts and everything else

    i have some crazy ghost activity in my house. my house was on a ghost show a few years ago. they did a "cleansing" and things were fine for a few months. then everything all came back. i definately believe. i have a ghostly experience at least once every 1-2 days, during the day or night time...
  2. farmerchick

    bunny outside time!!!

    thank you everyone for the replies, all my rabbits are treated monthly for fleas and mites in the warm weather. i am very cautious about this just because of having so many animals (i have cats and a dog too, they are also treated for fleas, mites, and rabies etc) also the harness on dayl is...
  3. farmerchick

    bunny outside time!!!

    first of all: BINKY!!! thought i'd share some pics. i have 8 rabbits and just recently invested in some xpens to use outside. here are the pics: this is Dayl out on the leash this is my beautiful Frank, who is a 4 month old flemish giant. he was just neutered. millie and peg...
  4. farmerchick

    Bonding more than 2 rabbits.....

    First off, i am aware that if i can't bond them, they will just have to live seperately. but i think will be benefits to both rabbits and me if i was able to bond some rabbits together.... i have 7 rabbits, --Hank and Sophie live together (male and female) (new zealand and Lop) --Wanda and...
  5. farmerchick

    a couple surprises from my vet

    hehe, the fact that peggy is a boy might work out, might be a bit easier to bond them together. i'm just glad there wasn't any accidental pregnancies. i have always made it a priority that at least my other males are fixed. (we have 2 females that we will never get spayed due to age/condition)...
  6. farmerchick

    a couple surprises from my vet

    this morning i took 2 cats (sadie and otis) and 2 of my 7 rabbit rabbits (Millie and Peggy) to the vets for spays and neuters. Peggy and Millie are my smallest and youngest rabbits. and Peggy always has been a sprayer. this morning when i was trying to pick her up, i bent over to get her and...
  7. farmerchick

    Flemish Fever Pictures

    Dale bunny! (14 months old)
  8. farmerchick

    How to: harnes train my rabbit

    some rabbits will never get used to a harness. that being said, the first time i put my flemish in a harness she freaked out. it was hard to catch her. obviously because she thought it was vet time, or nail trimming time. i don't overly handle my rabbits because i know they just plain don't...
  9. farmerchick

    Rabbit updates

    This is my flemish giant named Dayl. today i got her a harness and took her outside for the first time on the porch and she loved it! here are more pics of her: this is my bonded pair Moose (castor rex) and Wanda. Moose is blind now, poor boy lost his eye site due to ulcers, but Wanda...
  10. farmerchick

    Vet fees outrageous or justified do you think?

    my two cents: calling around will find you a better deal, all though generally most vet care fees practically highway robbery. i have been quoted $500 + medications for a spay for a rabbit at the vet clinic i always take my other animals too, but at a place just outside of town their...
  11. farmerchick

    bunny updates <3

    Hank is 13 months old now, and Sophie is a year and a half <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ my other bonded pair Moose and Wanda are doing well! Moose is a year old now, and wanda is 2. Moose's blindness and progressed, but he is still a good eater and drinker, and luckly his wife bunny wanda shows...
  12. farmerchick

    Show us your dewlap! (Open to does & bucks)

    this is from my company photoshoot. Sophie boasting her huge dew lap :)
  13. farmerchick

    new bunny/rabbit updates

    yes for sure, i decided to hold off and wait. its been about 4 weeks now, she is pretty calmed down, going to wait a couple more. thanks everyone :D
  14. farmerchick

    new bunny/rabbit updates

    This is our new bunny, we've decided to name Peggy :) a few weeks ago i took my flemish giant in to be spayed, not totally sure it was the right thing to do. she was bonded with 2 other rabbits and now they will not rebond, and i've had to make a seperate cage for her. she seems lonely...
  15. farmerchick

    Bunfest in Toronto

    i'm going this year! i am donating some hay from my rabbit hay company for the auction/fundraisers, i went to bunfest last year and it was great! adopted one of my rabbits from there last year!
  16. farmerchick

    Name our new bunny!

    this is our 7th we've added to our family. all our rabbits have old names, and i would like to stick with the theme of that. my other rabbits names are Wanda Sophie Hank Moose Dale Mille the names we are considering are: Peggy Chyenne June Elsie/Elsa Betty open to all suggestions :D...
  17. farmerchick

    Starting a cheap, bulk, consistant hay supply in the GTA

    hi everyone just to let you all know: you can contact me through a PM for info, email me at r.abbey@live.com or search "Bales4Bunnies" page on facebook! :D
  18. farmerchick

    11 Bunnies Need a Home in Ontario

    is there pictures you can post? we are seriously considering getting one from you! glad you rescued them! :D
  19. farmerchick

    my flemish broke out while i was at work and destroyed my home!

    so happy friday everyone! hope everyone had a good week. i was having a great week until i came home. somehow, my unspayed 5 month old 25 pound flemish broke out of her nic cage, AND broke out of the nic pen around the cage and had free range of my house all day. i came home and seen furniture...
  20. farmerchick

    Rabbit nail abnormality?

    one of my rabbits has a nail abnormality, looks like that but its her back leg on the side closest to her, she has a nail coming out, but its coming out of her foot, and doesn't have a toe attached to it. when my groomer did her nails she was really weirded out by it. also, another rabbit of...