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  1. Landyn

    Rabbit eating less!!

    My rabbit is around 3 years old. She has a set up in my garage and plenty of room to hop , binky etc. but she always hops out of the area and likes to explore the garage and we have a baby bouncer and sometimes she’ll sit in that, however I’ve noticed I haven’t had to fill her litter box up with...
  2. Landyn

    baby rabbit fell out of nest!

    My 4 day year old kit (he’s the runt) had been missing when I went to go check on them so I moved some stuff around and found him on the cold floor (still alive) , he was still alive so I heated up a towel put him in there for only 2 minutes because the heat started wearing off and I put him...
  3. Landyn

    Rabbit is overdue !

    My rabbit is a Rex rabbit and she was supposed to be due today (the 14th) and I have kept track of that. It is now the 15th and she still has not had her babies. she’s already had a litter and they came right on time. I am really worried and I could be paranoid. she has been sneezing but I also...