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  1. ladysown

    Taking pregnant rabbit to vet??

    So obviously not a rabbit who should be bred again. Deformity like that should not ne encouraged. The kits need to sold to pet only homes.
  2. ladysown

    Is this a Holland Lop or a Mini Lop and a breeder? Quick Google search
  3. ladysown

    Coccidia - Any tips on caring for our bunny?

    Are you using a rabbit Savvy vet? Coccidia is an easy treatment. No you won't catch it, your other rabbits can, So practice a safe handling. Safe Handling means you take care of your other rabbits first take care of your sick rabbit last and then make sure you clean up well between handling...
  4. ladysown

    Get a friend or not

    She will be fine on her own. Bring her in for visits or go out to her
  5. ladysown

    Need some advice.

    So the harlequin continues to b e recessive in the lines
  6. ladysown

    Need some advice.

    Why are you breeding otter into your harlequin lines?
  7. ladysown

    Oops litter. Colors of bunny offspring?

    Depending in what's behind your broken black you will get more broken black. It's a Charlie though so I wouldn't recommend breeding it
  8. ladysown

    Ear lopping towards the wrong direction?

    Normal. Don't fret
  9. ladysown

    Help! What's this White Growth on Her Toes?

    That looks fungal
  10. ladysown

    Dog walker saves rabbits from being thrown in the river

    Please do not compare the unwarranted lack of concern for a rabbit and equate that to equal unwarranted lack of concern for a child its a different thing.
  11. ladysown

    12 Week old Bunny (Eating Amounts)

    1/2 cup pellets daily. Now and for rest of life. This is its meat and potatoes of the diet.
  12. ladysown

    in love with this lil one

    A harlequin
  13. ladysown

    Baby Bunny die before first week

    If it's beside its living sibling those kits havent been fed and will die
  14. ladysown

    Baby Bunny die before first week

    But honestly looks like slightly bigger peanut
  15. ladysown

    Baby Bunny die before first week

    First litter for the doe? Could be inexperience.
  16. ladysown

    What do I do?

    Looking at your original post you said that he stopped eating hay a year ago. That's when you introduced the kale. Is he looking acting appearing healthy? Is his urine a normal colour? If so why are you worrying?
  17. ladysown

    Female Rabbit Making Strange Noises.

    She sounds like a pregnant doe telling the boy to back off politely.
  18. ladysown

    Cause of kits born dead?

    You can't always know why. I suspect due to the separation in birth times she's too narrow and shouldn't be bred
  19. ladysown

    Aggressive/Unfriendly Rabbits

    If you know the one has done damage to the other why do you keep them together? You know rabbits can kill each other right? When you breed rabbits only breed what you are looking To have. If you want a nice secure easy to handle rabbit breed for it.
  20. ladysown

    Color of babies

    They are currently too young to know if they are Show quality. To show a tricolor their markings need to be evenly matched. The first will never be show quality as it doesn't have enough black
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