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    Emmy's new cage

    Thanks Laura! I checked Petsmart's website and luckily they have it! :) K&E
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    Emmy's new cage

    Hello everyone! Today for Easter, My parents and I went to petsmart buying Emmy's foodand hay. We didnt expect to buy a new cage for Emmy, but since we werethere we bought all decided to buy one on that split second! :) If I could find Emmy's cage on Petsmart online catalog.. This is Emmy's...
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    Do buns like hammocks?

    Wow! That looks cool! Sparky is sure having a great time! :) I personally, don't think MY bun would like a hammock. But, if you think your bun is going to enjoy it, give it a shot.
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    How long until you can figure out if a rabbit is overweight?

    Zorro looks fine to me also. Zorro's a mini rex I believe? I have one myself :)
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    Does anyone have wood floors in their home?

    We have wood floors at our home. I prefer to have wood floors. Only because of the fact thatEmmy sometimes "goes" on floor when she's out. It's easy to wipe andclean. The Con is that when there shedding, there fur sweeps acorss thefloor making fur balls which is distressing for me. My mom and...
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    Does your?

    Emmy normally just comes up to my nose and licks it. Haha. Sometimes though, she does go on my back, but she has the tendency to scratch. *ouch* K&E
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    Need Help with a name for unique bunny

    :inlove: What a cutie! Eclipse and Tuxedo I like! More more more pictures! Please? :bunnyangel: K&E
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    Emmy Pictures

    Hey Pipp! How yah doing? It's great hearng from you! How are the two furballs doing? Hope everything's going great! K&E
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    Any other rabbits molting this time of year?

    Emmy has been shedding like crazy! Have to get that brush out. Haha. Tell me about it..when Emmy sat on her pillow for 10 seconds, when sheleft, fur was all over the pillow! Trina had to vaccumme the thing upbefore my mom freaked out. K&E
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    Emmy Pictures

    Sorry if these don't come out crystal clear. I don't have a digital camera. But to get my pictures instantly I just take shots from my webcam. AND for new members..INTRODUCTION. Hey new members of this wonderful forum! My name is Katarina, but for short just call me Katy. I have anidentical...
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    Emmy Pictures

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    Emmy Pictures

    Hello everyone! Yes, I know I haven't been on the forum for months and months! I'm sosorry I haven't updated! School, family, and the house has been on mybuttons for awhile. So, since I finally have the time to go to theforum, you guys deserve what's been going on lately. Be prepared forquite a...
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    bunnyslave's picture thread

    Bunnyslave- All your rabbits are just so beautifule. Opie is just one silly rabbit.Which is a good thing. Haha. I bet Opie is one of the funny bunny inyour family. All just gorgeous. Katy&Emmy
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    Pictures of Rodney

    Rodney is just ONE word : goregous :inlove: His coat is so amazingly shiny. K&E
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    My Bunny Thief

    Opie is one smart bunny I have to say! Her personality shows a sense of humor ;) K&E
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    Snow Bunnies =:)

    I have to take Emmy out in the snow sometime! Haha I've never tried only with the fear of her getting sick in the snow :? But, with this topic you've encouraged me! I'll try sometime afternoon when there is more sun outside. The bad news is, that I dont have a digi camera. Darn. I wish I...
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    English lops are extremeley beautiful! :inlove:
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    Pebbles Pictures

    Can you say... ADORABLE!! Pebbles is one heck of a babe ;)
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    Freddy's Scrapbook!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of Freddy and Vicky. :love::inlove: Such adorable little cuties. I'll be looking forward to more! K&E
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