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  1. edwinf8936

    Anyone had a rabbit with cataracts?

    If the other eye get it, then I will discuss the options with my vet.
  2. edwinf8936

    Head tilt and rolling experience?

    One of mine started that one day and was rolling his one eye. The vet thought it was a brain tumor but we went ahead and tried the antibiotic and I think something else. He got better the next day and got back to normal. The vet was surprised when I brought min back to be checked, she...
  3. edwinf8936

    Anyone had a rabbit with cataracts?

    Are there an treatment options for a rabbit with cataracts? might have spelled it wrong.
  4. edwinf8936

    Do you "Bath" your buns ?

    A vet that would recommend "Most vets recommend the dry, powder shampoos or sprays." I doubt knows much about rabbits.
  5. edwinf8936

    Foreign object in pharynx leading to front leg weakness

    I am a little confused. Rabbits breath through their nose and eat through their mouths. So the nose goes to the lung and mouth to the stomach. What is the diet the rabbit is on? Anesthetics can cause problems. Is this a rabbit savvy vet or just a vet?
  6. edwinf8936

    Need help

    I would not have painted the hutch since it will likely be chewed on
  7. edwinf8936

    Shop recommends bad food :(

    I bet that shop has a lot of bad customer experience. The shop is after profits, these are high profit items. I would not set foot in that place again.
  8. edwinf8936

    Facing dilemma trying to bond two male rabbits.

    Sounds like they have not figured out the dominance yet. Keep them apart.
  9. edwinf8936

    Rabbits won't drink water?

    What is the definition of the poop is fine? If you are not feeding hay, I don't see how they could be normal size. Feeding hay and cutting back on the vegies will increase water consumption.
  10. edwinf8936

    Picky eaters??

    I rarely even give mine pellets.
  11. edwinf8936

    Loud bunny

    One of mine is very active at 4:30-5:00 AM. Runs and plays with the toys. I just ignore it. Some days when the weather has changed he is all full of play.
  12. edwinf8936

    Scared about dental

    You didn't mention the runny eye. I t could be a clogged tear duct.
  13. edwinf8936

    Gummy hair loss on face

    It almost looks like skin is missing. has he been bitten by another of your rabbits? Thumper needs a trip to the vet.
  14. edwinf8936

    Sick rabbit

    Has your rabbit been eating hay or just greens? Most of the time you will see either soft stool or very small stools with digestive problems. Small points on teeth tend to led them to stop eating the hay first. Larger points will led to them not wanting to eat at all. Is the rabbit peeing...
  15. edwinf8936

    Looking for a harness

    Don't get the ones that are just made from thin rope type, get the one that is wide material an wraps around the midsection. Here is one on Amazon. Trixie Soft Harness With Lead To Fit : Rabbits
  16. edwinf8936

    Strange poop...

    Is it plastic?
  17. edwinf8936

    Sad behavior

    Rabbits don't like change.
  18. edwinf8936

    Neutered rabbit becoming agressive?

    I have only had two males that have not been aggressive to each other. All the others are even with being neutered. I even had a bonded pair male female that suddenly became unboned. Being brothers they had more chance but I think it is just them being mature rather than the neutering that...
  19. edwinf8936

    Sitting in the rain led to wet feet, then baldness

    It does not sound like the rain. May be allergies stress or a number of things.
  20. edwinf8936

    Rabbit chewing on litter box

    Rabbits are good at two things, chewing and pooping.
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