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  1. Trini1000

    Baby Rabbit Eye Problem

    My bunny(Lashes)had babies on the 01.06.2012. All of their eyes have opened except for one kitt (only one of his eyes opened fully)while the other is still closed and covered in yellowish mucus. The eyelid also seems distorted/wavy as opposed to being just a line. Is there something I can do...
  2. Trini1000

    Very sick bunny.

    One of my 2 month olds has gotten very lethargic and sluggish. He was unable to walk and was only rolling over convulsively this morning. He was not eating or drinking. Now his head leans to one side and now he only lies there barely breathing. I've separated him from the others (who seem...
  3. Trini1000

    Cod Liver Oil Good for Bunnies?

    :wave: Hello again all! I've heard that Cod Liver oil in small doses provide both young and old rabbits with needed vitamins and promotes all around good health. Now, I've never tried it and I'd like to know if anyone has experience or research on the matter; thanks in advance!:biggrin:
  4. Trini1000

    Little bunny diarreah

    Hello all, I have a problem with a little one (just over 3 weeks old). He is the runt of the litter and recently I noticed he appeared bloated and sluggish. I separated him and noticed him making a brownish diarreah. Anyone have an idea what could be causing it and more importantly, how to make...
  5. Trini1000

    Automatic rabbit drinkers

    Does anyone have experience with Automatic rabbit drinkers? I would like to know where i can buy good ones online. I have access to some locally but they are quite expensive and often out of stock. I am thinking of buying some of these...
  6. Trini1000

    Rabbits eating Lemon Leaves?

    Ive recently trimmed my roughskin lemon tree, and I saw my rabbits nibbling the leaves that fell through. Is it safe for them?---- as i would hate for so much foliage to be wasted (when they can just eat it all)
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