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  1. stepharellie

    Bunny like to be vacuumed!

    That's a great idea! I will do it next time!
  2. stepharellie

    Bunny like to be vacuumed!

    My rabbit likes to be brushed with the vacuum cleaning tool! I thought rabbits were supposed to be scared of the vacuum but he will chase me around until I brush him with it. Has anyone else heard of this or experienced it?
  3. stepharellie

    Have my bunnies manipulated me into filling up their hay racks too frequently?

    Esthezyl, I am interested in the set up you are describing. Would you mind posting a picture so I can see a little better what you are describing? I waste tons of hay AND litter. What you are describing sounds like it might work well for me. Thanks!
  4. stepharellie

    What is your bunny name?

    My bun is a Flemish Giant. We decided to name him Brutus because he is a TANK, and also a jerk sometimes.
  5. stepharellie

    Flemish Giant Rabbit

    Hi Andrea, I have a 6 month old Flemish giant. I had to think outside the box on this one, because he is a big boy and he needs big toys. Here are some examples of things I have gotten, plastic baby keys on a ring for $3 from amazon, set of 8 plastics stacking cups for babies from amazon for $3...
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