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    Greta wrote:They ask for 'the man of the house'? Really? That would be enough to make me hang up right there! Are they only interested in taking your money if you're male??! I can't believe that in this day and age...
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    First ultrasound today -- It's a . . .

    My friend's ex is called Daragh -that's irish too but I'd never heard it before
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    First ultrasound today -- It's a . . .

    Aww, they're all cute.I like Alfie for boys, girls or bunniesI also like Jamie (boy)And Neely (boy)I like Comfort for either sex but that one will probably stay reserved for petsWhen I have a daughter I would like to call her Audrey or RitaBest wishes for your pregnancy Lissa XX
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    Hi Linz! I'm so pleased for you being veggie for 5months - that's really great! It sounds as though it could be an iron thing. People who transistion from eating red meat to being veggie without eating enough iron rich veg can often experience dizzyness. Vegetarian diets are often lower fat and...
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    Driving test in 2 hours!

    Welldone, you !!! Congratulations!!!
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    Driving test in 2 hours!

    Goooooood Luck Linz!!!!!!!!! Deep breaths, just do your bestxxxxxxxxxx
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    OMG 'The Time Travellers wife' is JUSTAMAzing.I have also just finished'Everything is Illuminated' by Jonathan Safran-Froer and that is now anall-time favourite.I read mostlyanything.My top 5 books are: (1)'Wuthering heights', bronte (2) 'Orlando', woolf (3)'The Fifth Child',Lessing (4)'The...
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    Photos of my first bun Herbie

    Herbie is gorgeous, jojo! Look forward to seeingmore pics.P.S Welcome to theforum~Rosie~
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    Im sooooo Angry

    That's absolutely appalling! Inexcusable.Ibelieve that here in the UK, it is no longer legal to award goldfish asprizes at fairs. Giving any living being as a prize gives entirely thewrong message about the resposibilities of pet ownership.Good luck withyour email and well done for speaking outxx
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    We lost Cala, Pheebs is fine

    I am so so sorry for your loss
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    I can't decide

    magicapple, everybody has been extremely patientwith your posts and I'm pleased you are beginning to realise thatgiving a rabbit to a shelter because you don't like the way it looks orbehaves is just NOT acceptable. This rabbit has no duty to be cute, andno duty to love you or be nice to you. He...
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    inspired by the stepford bunnies thread:
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    Munchkin's Story

    I love how much you love her already!! I'm sure she's soo happy with you too
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    Please send good thoughts for Snuggy

    Get well soon xxxx
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    These are soooo good! Well done bunny people!
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    My Girl Alfie

    Step Three: CHARGE!!!!!!!
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    My Girl Alfie

    Step Two: Select target and aim
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    My Girl Alfie

    How to catch a cat by Alfie Bun. Step one, act natural
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