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    Just gave birth

    :D:DBrilliant news congratulations!!:dude:. Well done Maya! Sorry I don't know the answer to what to do. Love Kate
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    Quick update on headtilt mama and kits.

    I'm so sorry to read that, you were obviously doing everything possible :(.I hope all the others make it ok. Kate
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    Hi rather late answer, but yes my Flopsy wholooks just like your new little darling (except for her ears which onlylop in hot weather)is called Flopsy too :D. I hope Roxy's better soon Kate
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    He's gorgeous and pretty much a dead ringer formy Flopsy except her ears ended up up in every weather except heatwave. Since you come from the UK too he's definitely a dwarf lop(different naming to the US breeds :D). They're a lovely friendly breedin my somewhat limited experience (I've got...
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    Attitudes and Bonding

    I agree with everything Carolyn says plus I'd addtime, time and more time with some bunnies. This last week I'vesuddenly seen big progress with one of mine who I'd begun to believewould be the same forever, I've been trying to be friends in the waysdescribed for nine months now andfinally I'm...
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    Back From Short Vacation

    I'm so very sorry, my prayers are with all who loved her :(. Kate
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    Update on Maya

    Here's hoping everything goes really well for her:D. I'm sorry I can't say anything about her eating and poops asdespite having a flock of rabbits :PI don't know anythingabout pregnant ones. Hopefully she knows what she's doing though :). Kate
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    Flaky Skin?

    Hi Sophie, welcome to the forum :), Flaky skin as you probably know is usually a sign of mites, could it bethe final after effects of having them? Did he get treated tokill all stages of the mite cycle or is it possible he still has them? Otherwise could he be allergic to the spot on treatment...
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    A THANK YOU to the people of this forum .. and some positive news!

    I haven't been able to be on here much recentlyso I missed your post about Felix, but that is such a beautiful tributeto him, he sounds the most wonderful bunny. I was another person who never even thought of having a rabbit andnowI truly can't imagine life without my little herd. I'm soglad...
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    God has a new bunny

    I'm so sorry for what happened :(:(. My thoughtsare with you. Don't blame yourselffor it, it's so easy tomiss a loosened latch sometimes :(. I check and check for months andthen one day it slips past me and I get woken by fighting rabbits. Myluck is that I don't have a dog like you did but when...
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    Wire Chewing

    I second everything said about wires, the onlyway they'll stop chewing them is if they can't get to them. Likeeveryone else I learned the expensive way just how clever they are atworking out how to get wires:(:X. Two does often have a very close bond especially if they've been brought up...
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    Woody Pet

    If it's the same as Woody Pet it's great as cat litter too :D. My six month supply started to run out (I'm down to the last bag)soI rang the distributors a couple of hundred miles away. Ionly started to say where I lived and she remembered my name anddetails instantly, plus she's working out a...
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    To do or not do do?

    Hi and welcome, It's definitely a lot easier to be sure they like each other if they'reintroduced first, that's a really good idea and a lot of shelters andrescues have that option. Another thing to consider is that if she isn't spayed she's going to beshowing hormonal and territorial...
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    Pictures of Vash

    He's adorable :dude:, I'd definitely be buying more oats if he was advertising and I get through enough as it is :). By the way Vness I was recommended oats to help stop blockages whenmoulting and it works with mine. During their moult I've been givingthem some every day. They've put on a...
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    Welcome to the forum :D. White flakes may well bebe mites, but if you saw a flea they might have those too. A lot of products aren't safe to use on rabbits, and if they're asyoung as that I'd definitely check with a rabbit savvy vet before usinganything unless anyone else on here knows for...
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    I think it's pretty normal :(. Kate
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    Apollo Attack Bunny Extraordinaire

    That's the best laugh I've had for quite a time :D:D:D. Great bunny you've got there! Kate
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    Giving our Babies a towel

    When any of mine are in need of extra tlc forwhatever reason I give them a big 100% cotton towel, to cuddle into.They used to wee on it when they were baby rabbits, but they don't now.I tend not to leave towels in any cages except Ferdy'sbecausethe rest love trying to eat them as soon as they...
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    No Babies

    I don't know the details of her mating but I knowit can be anything up to 35 days as you said. I was told when Flopsyhad what I'm glad (in my case) to say was a false pregnancy that veryearly nest building is a likely sign it's false, but apart from that Ihaven't a clue. Good luck anyway :). Kate
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    while the cats were away....

    Great news :dude::dude:! Sounds like you've got two happy rabbits. Kate ps I syympathise deeply about the wallpaper, you wouldn't believe whatmy rabbits have done to the walls :X. Although in a few months youprobably will LOL.
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