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  1. jsjjane

    Any other pets? :)

    I have a 3 legged cat, Sammy. I thought this sweet rescue bun, Khaleesi, might be some company for Sammy but I didn’t know female rabbits were territorial so she claimed the house immediately as her’s and for the first year repeatedly attacked the cat. Took a little piece of the cat’s ear off...
  2. jsjjane

    Is it possible to keep/domesticate a wild cottontail rabbit?

    Your new buns are adorable and I really get the heartbreak of letting Bun-Bun go. Your love is huge.
  3. jsjjane

    How high can rabbits jump?

    My Mini Rex hops up on my bed in a single bound easily which is 2 feet high (.62 m)
  4. jsjjane

    Rabbit names

    Someone kidnapped your rabbit!!!! OMG! Was she an outdoor bun? How did it happen. So heartbreaking!
  5. jsjjane

    Rabbit names

    Khaleesi B. - al la Game of Thrones - the White Queen (which this bun is) and she’s kind of a dragon (cat) tamer.
  6. jsjjane

    bunny punishments?

    I would only pen one but I would use that one's name when i say 'pen time' so they start getting what the deal is.
  7. jsjjane

    bunny punishments?

    My Khaleesi is 2 now and I’ve had quite a time of her shredding the carpet. She’s doing it infrequently now and this is what I have done: first when I see her shredding I make a loud noise - beat on the floor or clap or other such noise and I shout “Hutch time”. She knows that means it’s time...
  8. jsjjane

    2019 Cages - add your photo!

    The back was kicked out and made into a corner unit so there is much more room inside than it appears in this photo
  9. jsjjane

    Nik Nik.

    Beautiful - so sorry for your loss.
  10. jsjjane

    HELP!! My bunny stole my heart and wont give it back!!

    OMG! I'm in love with her now too. Thanks for the pics. My Khaleesi is not a snuggly bunny (yet). Note to self: next time, a Flemish Giant!
  11. jsjjane

    Why did you choose a rabbit as a pet? What you love?

    I took in a rescue bun at the urging of a friend who has a wonderful rabbit. I thought she might be a good companion for my now 3 legged cat. ( I didn’t know anything about taking care of a rabbit.) Turns out Khaleesi attacks the cat - or at least did for the first year. Now I love her sooo...
  12. jsjjane

    Best flooring for a rabbit cage?

    Khaleesi’s hutch has a wood floor covered with linoleum, I then put a thin carpet on top cut to size. Over that I tuck in a piece of fleece. Each week I replace the fleece with another fleece so I can launder the first. This works really well. She is a chewer but does not chew the fleece. I...
  13. jsjjane

    Are most rabbit owners vegan?

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 21 years. Partly because of my love for animals but for other reasons too. One of the things I’ve noticed is that animals tend to like me, maybe because I don’t smell like I’m going to eat them ;-)
  14. jsjjane

    Help!!!! I'm at my wits end.

    Could he be in pain?
  15. jsjjane

    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    I know what you mean! What is it with bunnys? I take so many pics of my Khaleesi B. She is so freaking cute!! Only other bun caretakers seem to get it.
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