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  1. Gelly

    Remy is acting off- strange symptoms. Panicking.

    Haven’t been on the forum for a little while so hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. Remy is having some strange symptoms. He seemed fine today. But this evening, he began flopping and pooping where he was flopped. He seems a little lethargic and is randomly flopping in places he hasn’t...
  2. Gelly

    How are his hocks looking? (Photo)

    I noticed today that Remy's hocks are looming more sore than usual. He is prone to sore hocks (Mini rex) and we monitor them. We had him watched at a friend this weekend but when I picked him up and brought him home, I noticed them when he flopped. Should I be overly concerned? My vet has been...
  3. Gelly

    Hay in the litter box vs. Out of the litter box

    I’d like to hear everyone’s experiences/opinions about keeping hay either in a bun’s litter box or separate. I’m under the impression that most people put hay in the litter box but I’ve recently been hearing success putting it out of it. My bunny pees on his hay and ends up not eating it when...
  4. Gelly

    I forgot to put water in his pen overnight...

    I feel so guilty. We went away for the weekend and when we got to our destination (after a 2 hour drive), I set up Remy’s travel pen. It was 1 AM and I was super tired and forgot to put a water bowl in. I only noticed at around 9 AM the next day. That means he went almost 12 hours without water...
  5. Gelly

    Waterproof Puzzle Mats (need flooring ideas)

    Looking for interlocking puzzle mats that are waterproof. We’re in the process of trying out new flooring solutions for Remy and we’re in the process of re-litter-training him. I need relatively soft flooring that’s easy to clean. Currently, I’m putting a load of fleece and yoga mats in the...
  6. Gelly

    Wet bum

    I found my bunny like this today sitting in his pee with a wet bum and I’m super nervous. He hasn’t been flopping or binkying much lately. He’s eating and pooping but drinking a lot more than usual. The vet checked his kidneys, liver, a rabbit disease panel, his stomach, and e. Caniculi. All...
  7. Gelly

    Where to find bulk or cheap paper bedding

    Like the CareFresh brand but off-brand would be great. I'm in NY so I would either have to be able to pick it up locally or order it online. Links would be great!
  8. Gelly

    Where to buy wholesale/cheap material for making rabbit toys

    Rabbit chew toys are so expensive and they’re honestly not too hard to make. I want to try making some wood chew hanging toys and play tables. Does anyone know where I can buy wholesale/cheap/bulk materials that are rabbit safe? I live in NYC so I can’t just go and pick some branches off my...
  9. Gelly

    Sore hocks (photo attached)

    So I sent this photo to our vet. My bun is a mini rex so he’s super prone to sore hocks. We have hardwood floors but the area he roams has a large low pile rug. It’s not soft at all tho and very thin. His enclosure has layers of fleece and yoga mat so it’s pretty cushy. This is what the vet...
  10. Gelly

    I cannot get him to use his litter box again

    I’ve been trying to retrain my bun for weeks now but it’s not working. He had some GI stasis a couple weeks back and began peeing in different spots in his cage. Since then, I have not been able to get him to use his litter box. He doesn’t pee out of the pen but inside, anywhere is fair game. I...
  11. Gelly

    Opinion on this ‘rent-a-bunny’ ad

    I know that I am not a fan. The cages they’re providing are very small (someone messaged me who did it for their kids and the bunny came with a small cage). They’re not spayed or neutered and I feel this could be a very stressful situation for the bunnies. How do I approach them respectfully?
  12. Gelly

    Can everyone try to make post titles more specific?

    I’ve noticed a lot of ‘Helppp! PLEASE’ or ‘what does this mean??’ titles. It’s in everyone’s best interest to be as specific as possible so people can help.
  13. Gelly

    I just want to thank everyone

    Despite some drama on the forum, I want to thank everyone. Last summer, my husband surprised me with a bunny (note: I do not recommend this and rabbits should not be an impulse buy). I love animals and always wanted one but never knew the extent of care required. In short, I was at a loss of how...
  14. Gelly

    If my bunny licks a little stuffed plushie cow, does that mean he loves it?

    He never licks us but this cow and one of our couch cushions gets so much love.
  15. Gelly

    Does anyone have experience with these symptoms?

    A couple of weeks ago, my 11 mos. old rabbit started acting different. He was very lethargic, not moving a lot, pooping less, keeping one eye a bit more closed than the other, and eating less. We brought him to the vet for an emergency vet which ended up costing us $1,300. He had x-rays, meds...
  16. Gelly

    Bunny's poops have gone dark, small, and sporadic

    Today, I noticed my bunny's poops have gotten smaller, darker, and less abundant than usual. He usual eats a ton of hay, poops lots, and flops over. He didn't really do any of that today. Should I give him infant gas drops? Will call the vet tomorrow morning but I want to try this since I can't...
  17. Gelly

    Advice for a bunny who partially stopped using his litter box

    So my male 11 month old mini rex (neutered October 31st, 2019) decided to stop using his litter box. It started when he had a bit of GI stasis that has been taken care of. I don’t know if the two are related but about 3/4 weeks ago, he just partially stopped using his litter box. He does use it...
  18. Gelly

    How often do your bunnies pee outside the litter box?

    Just curious. I’ve noticed my bunny doing it more recently. He’s been neutered for more than 5 months so I don’t think it’s territorial. It’s usually in the same two spots
  19. Gelly

    Bunny's ears are a bit cold

    Hi, so my rabbit's ears seem a bit colder than usual. He's doing everything normally but I just noticed now. It's about 68 degrees in the apartment.
  20. Gelly

    My rabbit chews with one eye closed

    This started a few weeks ago. He's an 11 mos. old mini rex. We brought him to the vet because right when this started, he wouldn't eat. It's possible the eye thing started before but I had only noticed when he stopped eating. They kept him overnight and found some gas in his scans. About 3 days...