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    questions about fur being pulled out?

    Probably she is going through a false pregnancy or she is shedding her fur.
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    What breed is my princess?

    Looks likes dwarf hotot but she isn't best is she's mixed unless you got her from a breeder and have a pedigree.
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    My stinky bunny

    Rabbits can't go into heat.
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    Help for my baby bunny

    Use a blanket with a heater on low and make sure the kit doesn't get to heated.
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    Hand rearing baby rabbits...

    If you have another doe that's been bred but not recently try stimulating her teets to produce milk which can help in case of emergencies. I've read this on the ARBA facebook page, and so far the studies have been good.
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    Dwarf or Netherland dwarf?

    Netherland dwarfs have short ears only two inches long. You can also visit www.andcr.com
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    Unexpected Kits!

    Yes you have to seperate them when they are weaned from their mother. After she has weaned them get her fixed so no more accidents happen.
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    Unexpected Kits!

    Usually peanuts don't survive their first weeks of life and are best to be culled so they don't come as a shock when they die naturally. The little kit doesn't look like a peanut. The only time you can tell the sec is when they're a little older then newborn.The bigger one looks like a blue...
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    Down The Rabbit Hole With Alice

    Iceberg lettuce is really bads I hopes you don't get sick from it. Welcome! -Ivy and Winkey
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    Breeding... NEED help

    Even if he has a bad temperament it won't effect the moods and temperaments of the kits. I would also try helping him by showing him the correct end.
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    Accidental litter needs homes

    Yeah that's no problem.
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    Breeding rabbits

    Also check out this site I find it helpful. www.raising-rabbits.com
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    mommy has a mean doctor

    Cute eyes put them on and beg that's what I do when my mommy is sick or laying on the couch I turn the cuteness on. Hope it works for you like it does for me. -Ivy
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    Newborn Kits.. Need some advice

    I would leave them with the mothers fur, that way air can get through it as well as keep them warm.
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    Aggressive does

    Ok thanks, yeah I'll keep the two separated as my doe is more of the aggressor but sweet towards me. I'll keep their behavior in mind if I ever decide to get them bond mates.
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    I use a water bottle or tap ther nose.
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    Is he fixed? Fixing him will help with a lot of problems
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    Adventuring Ivy

    This is the adventure of Ivy. She just recently learned she is a doe and not a buck on my behalf which in grateful for as I was wanting a doe.
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    Favorite toys!

    My doe's favorite toys are her food bowl and a shoebox.