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  1. Mehidk

    Small poops...what could it be?

    So last night, Trixie didn’t finish her veggies. This morning before I left for work, I noticed Trixie’s poops were fewer and smaller than usual. I gave her gas drops before leaving. This afternoon, her poops looked better, bigger and more normal. Now it’s the evening and her poops are getting...
  2. Mehidk

    Rabbit Revenge?!

    I finally figured out what sets Trixie off...It's when I cut her nails. Whenever it's "nail cutting day", she will wait for the perfect opportunity to to jump onto the bed after I've cut her nails and leave me a puddle and some gifts as a way of saying "yeah, you wanna cut my nails? Take...
  3. Mehidk

    Drinking water?

    There's something I’ve been observing lately with Trixie. There are some days where she will drink out of her water dish and it gets near empty, and other days she drinks a little bit and I’m dumping the rest out. After washing her veggies, I leave excess water on them so she gets more water...
  4. Mehidk

    Ever feel bad for your rabbit?

    I do. I would love to have my rabbit be the snuggly type. I’ve tried for the past few months to let Trixie hang out on my bed. She will come up and get her pets but if I allow her to sit there for so long, she always ends up leaving a gift or two sometimes more when she decides to hop off to...
  5. Mehidk


    I think my age is showing through LOL. How old is everyone these days? Every now and then I run into a thread and a member mentions their age and I think to myself "...holy crap, I'm so much older. :oops:" I'll start...I'm 32 (eep!) (PS: I must say I appreciate all the input that I've received...
  6. Mehidk

    Bunny sounds

    Just curious does anyone's rabbit make interesting noises? Being that I'm a first time rabbit-mom, every little thing makes me paranoid, making me think that something is wrong with her. Trixie has now started making these interesting grunting-ish type sound when it's time to be fed. Both...
  7. Mehidk

    Weird Bump near back legs

    Hi everyone, before I start stressing myself out, I figured I’d reach out here first to see if it’s something necessary for a vet visit or if it’ll go away eventually. I came home tonight to Trixie and felt a noticeable bump near her hind legs. It doesn’t look like it hurts her (no teeth...
  8. Mehidk

    What breed is my rabbit?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone could help me identify my rabbit. I recently adopted her from HRS at the end of November, and her paperwork said both her breed and age were unknown. She is a mixture of colors: Gray, white, black, and some brown spots in random places. My guess is...