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  1. kathy5

    hello every one

    how have you all been? we are all good here just claming down for the big trick or treat night the kids got a ton of candy mr. nibbles is getting so big he is a little head flicker he is a ton of fun he peed on the couch the other day dad was not pleased with him at allbut stills...
  2. kathy5


    sorry if this is in the wrong place :( this is our new family member nibbles he is a boy & is about 10 weeks old hello everyone sorry in making everyone wait soooo long but work sorta has to come first LOL I have some new pictures of him will have even more later on today :clap the...
  3. kathy5

    should I stay or should I go????

    I am not sure what to do what do you people do in this sitctuation? (sp?) o.k. seeing as cocoa is gone now I do not know If I should stay or go. I really like it here & all but seing as I will have nothing to add because all of you still have bunnies & can add more. I guess I could...
  4. kathy5

    guinea pig

    anyone have any? we are thinking about getting 2 gunie pig?? well we have been on the hunt for a new family pet & I think we are going with gunni pigs I have never owned there cute little critters & need some Info I know about the viti c that they can not make there own so they need...
  5. kathy5

    need some help not to sure what to do

    as some of you may know on Friday we lost our beloved bunny cocoa:rainbow: the kids are dealing with it as best as they can but as for me well it has really kicked me in the but more so that I thought it would. :nerves1 sorry for the long sob story:sad: it is so hard to walkup the...
  6. kathy5

    I hate posting in here

    short & to the point I wiil explain later in grater deatil cocoa died today around 7:30 am we are all very sad in the libby house Megan is taking this relly hard after loosing twitter just last month( twitter was a budgie ) hop free cocoa bean you will be missed very much he wou;d...
  7. kathy5

    just to let everyone know

    my photo buckets account is a mess so I am going in to it today & fix it up meaning that I am putting pictures where they belong so a lot of my post with pictures will have broken links just a warning kathy
  8. kathy5

    bunny saves a life

  9. kathy5

    I have a few new pictures & videos of cocoa but

    the photo & video forum seems to be down or something I can not post :(
  10. kathy5

    ever been to animal land?

    it is a store where you can go & stuff your own cute animal? sort of like build a bear well we went the other day & the kids each got to pick a cute animal & befor we threw out the boxes I had an Idear.....
  11. kathy5


    just wanted to let everyone here know that I have a my space account & that If any of my bunnie buddies wanted to be buddies on there well just send me a friend request cause I have a private account I just finished with my page I must say that I am addicted to the place now you can find...
  12. kathy5

    hello everyone

    wow has it been this long november was the last time I was on here??? I know it has been a while but that long!!!! wow well life is busy we are all fine including cocoa he is still a very cute bunny I just wanted you to all know that I now have a my space...
  13. kathy5

    was looking through you tube today & you know what I found.....

    I found the whole movie of whater ship down it is in parts but now I can go & watch it whenever I want what a great find kathy p.s. cocoa is doing wonderful I know we have not been on much life gets busy busy busy
  14. kathy5

    gas prices please copy & paste & pass it on

    THIS IS NOT THE 'DON'T BUY' GAS FOR ONE DAY, BUT IT WILL SHOW YOU HOW WE CAN GET GAS BACK DOWN TO $1.30 PER GALLON. This was sent by a retired Coca Cola executive. It came from one of his engineer buddies who retired from Halliburton. If you are tired of the gas prices going up AND they...
  15. kathy5

    how cute is this it could be cocoa's twin

  16. kathy5

    some cute Emily & cocoa videos

    enjoy http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=N2gqWSkAjeY http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=kIWxp2cNrzM&feature=user http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=vanL9Rd5zCQ&feature=user http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=a26naEjoDQU&feature=user http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=aWN31ds_5ks&feature=user...
  17. kathy5

    hello anyone have one of these for there bunnies?

    http://www.vagavalley.co.uk/bunnysupplies/hayracks.htm found the top one at my local grain/feed store yesterday it is a royl blue made by super pet do your bunnies use em for theos of you who have them? do you have to pull the hay through for them or do they do it on there own maybe...
  18. kathy5

    best way to buy ceader fresh in bulk

    we have made a change in out house we moved cocoa from the family room in the basement of the house to the top floor where the kids bed rooms are I felt bad having him down there all alone & now we will not have to move him when we have a wood stove he loves being upstairs with...
  19. kathy5

    new cedrit card scam watch out!

    long but well worth the read K. OK - I normally don't believe in this stuff, but a similar thing happened to me last fall and so I felt it was worthwhile just forwarding.... - Bethie The Holiday Season is just a little bit down the road and the bad guys are already trying to get free stuff by...
  20. kathy5

    went to the fryburg fair & guess what we saw????

    baby bunnies In a box this one was only 6 months old & hudge!!!