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    Flemish Giant Show Quality (Pedigree and Papers) 8 month old NEEDS HOME.

    Fatty Pants is an 8 mo old (12/25/18) neutered, male, pedigree Flemish Giant from TwistedOaks Flemish Giants Rabbitry. He is a "show quality" (with pedigree papers) litter box trained house rabbit. Just FYI: I never intended to show him. I just wanted a healthy, optimal genetics and reputable...
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    Favorite Behavior books, links, sites, references etc??

    What are everyone's favorite BEHAVIOR books, links, sites and references, etc?
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    Behavior modification, Punishment, Correction, Negative Reinforcement, Choices, Consequences, Safety

    Now that I've got your attention, let me be perfectly clear: I have never & will never physically harm my bunny. That being said, my goal IS to get him to obey a few very specific COMMANDS for safety. BTW, his name is "Fatty Pants" & he's a 16 week old Flemish Giant.:) I have read countless...